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    LVL a warrior, rage problem, and best spec

    Hi there,
    im leveling warrior so i want ask abut spec. (prot offspec)

    should i hake 2h or 2x1h? and what spec? different ppl say different stuff but they cant tell anything constructive.

    And i have biiiiggg problem with rage in dung and bg (as dps)... in bg's im starving i use charge/mortal s but still its not enought :/ im always low and many of time i need to MS cd off, or rage from auto atack -.-
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    Are you, by any chance, trying to dps in defensive stance or trying to spam heroic strike? If you have any reasonable amount of hit/exp you should have very little trouble with rage since so many attacks are free now.

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    You should probably be using Arms while leveling, at least until you get to 38 (I think?) when you might consider Fury, but I would advise to stick with Arms, because it's better for stable rage at low gear levels (usually while leveling).

    You didn't say what level you were, but here's the general thing to do on mobs:

    You should Mortal Strike every time it's ready.
    Colossus Smash when it's ready or the cooldown is reset by Sudden Death
    Slam in gaps if you have the rage for it

    If you feel like rage is a real issue, I would suggest picking up Shockwave when you can, and potentially Impending Victory just to give yourself something to press if you can't afford to Slam.

    Later on you'll learn Heroic Throw, you can also use this.

    Basically, never ever use Heroic Strike unless you're going to waste rage by capping. You use Heroic Strike to bleed off rage that would otherwise be wasted. It's a very inefficient move.

    More Advanced Stuff:

    Later on you will learn "Taste for Blood" which will allow you to improve the damage of Heroic Strike randomly by Overpower proccing another Overpower, however, the same rule generally applies - don't use Heroic Strike unless you're going to cap rage, except this time if you've got more than 1 stack of Taste for Blood, you should use Heroic Strike if the buff is going to run out before you get a chance to refresh it with another Overpower.

    Note for Patch 5.2:

    With 5.2 around the corner, Arms is changing a lot, the whole Taste for Blood thing is basically disappearing. From my testing on PTR I actually feel Arms is a bit of a pain to level as because Overpower is getting a 10 rage cost - however if you execute a mob, Overpower is free for a short period after, which means you can actually put out some really nice damage if you're chain pulling.

    Fury will get a little buff to Bloodsurge that should help with rage spend at low gear levels, so Fury might actually be alright for leveling in 5.2, but I haven't tried it.

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    Dont bother with fury for leveling, go arms. Charge->Mortal->Overpower, mob die

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