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    What faction do you honestly believe houses better players and communities?

    Of course, it's all opinion based, but overall, between the Horde and Alliance, which do you think overall has the better players and server communities?

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    Generally I think this is an important topic with meaningful arguments on both sides and this thread will get far.

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    need an option to say both or neither, too many servers for one person to make an assumption on, other than that this thread will just start a side war...

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    I don't see any difference at all between the two WoW factions, they both suck. When the game was fairly new, before there were server/faction transfers and the min/max mentality wasn't so widespread, I felt players gravitated toward one faction or the other and there was a difference. In my experience, Horde tended to have more seriously PvPers; Alliance had more serious PvEers. Horde was the hardcore, kill everyone playerbase; Alliance was the band together playerbase, which probably explained why historically they've always had more healers. At least that's how it seemed to me. Anymore though, there's no difference.

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    Is this serious?

    Faction doesn't matter at all in regards to this retarded question.

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    Honestly, speaking as someone who has played on 3 different servers, the community of those server I have been part of have always had a better one on the horde side. Perhaps it is because there is fewer horde on those servers I go to, and because there is fewer on horde, and a large population on the alliance on those servers, you get so much on trash with a larger percentage of people.

    Trade chat conversations is an example of the level of maturity of those server factions, I was having a politcal debate one night on the horde side which showed there were some very much aware players there. When I logged onto my alliance alt, there trade was being spammed with anal linking, which I just found so amusing in the comparison.

    That isn't to say there isn't immature players on both sides, but a fact of the matter is, if you have a higher population of players, you will have a higher population of immature trolls, idiots and spammers.

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    Depends on server. I have been on some servers where Alliance tends to be slightly more enjoyable to be part of the community and other servers where horde has a better community. Also what defines a better community depends on what you are looking for and how you want to interact with it.

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    There is no difference. I've played both factions on many different servers and each server/faction had great guilds with mature, fun people and a bunch of 'stupid-fuckin-kids' or just general a**holes. It seems, though, that the number-wise dominating faction on highly populated servers does attract a certain type of douchebaggery, while the number-wise dominated faction doesn't. This is not by rule, but seems to occur. Has nothing to do with factions but with a certain flock of people gravitating towards being part of the 'big' faction of a server.

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    From my experience there is no real difference.

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    Its a bit like asking which is the better arm: left or right. Its a meaningless question. The faction is just a fiction - it doesn't exist. People play one or another - or often both. I play both - I see good and bad, kind and unkind players in equal amounts on both sides.

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    Looks like I just tied up the poll

    8 to 8

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    It all depends on the server. There is no one faction that has a better community overall. In my experience the bigger the faction is on a particular server, the more chance for trolls, etc.

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    Horde pre bloodelf

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    I have played both for a long time. I feel like the Horde usually have the better players skillwise but alliance have the a more friendly community.

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    Neither is any better in my opinion as someone who has played both factions over numerous servers. Obviously wont vote since this isn't an option.

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    Both faction has a race that has higher tendency of acting like a douchebag, human and blood elf. No offence but most of the times when there is someone really cocky or evil it a either a blood elf or a human. Can't really say there is a difference, horde seem to have a slightly better community, at least on the servers I've played on.

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    Horde made a better first impression but when I made my priest an ally I realized there is no real difference. There might be differences from server to server but all in all... nah.

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    depends from server to server i would imagine, ive played on some servers where the horde had a better community and ive played on some servers that alliance had better communities

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    Quote Originally Posted by skitzy129 View Post
    Is this serious?

    Faction doesn't matter at all in regards to this retarded question.
    You must be Alliance. xD

    On a serious note I think Horde averagely has a better community. When I was playing Alliance I felt kinda lonely as everybody was too busy with PvP and PvE, while when I was playing Horde I immediately found a guild whom was quite social.

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    Think it matters more by server.

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