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    My bank/bags:

    I don't even have 10 slots except for that free Halloween one. Never filled them.

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    yeah gotta say that my character that has the most bags filled is my cook. I really wish we could put the combines into a collectable bank

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    There is like nothing to buy or hold on to in the game. Gold is mostly for travel / speed leveling. Karma is for any easy exotic set. Laruels are for some rings/amulet.

    It goes like this for me:

    1. Can I use it? Use it.
    2. Can I sell it? Sell it.
    3. Can I throw it in the mystic forge to solicit 1 or 2? Do that.
    4. Throw it away. Ain't nobody got time for that.

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    One of the toons I play + one of my guild banks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meledelion View Post
    One of the toons I play + one of my guild banks.
    This week on "Hoarders: Tyria"...

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    Meledelion's set up sort of looks like mine. :P I never keep my bags that full though and my guild bank is bigger.

    I don't really consider myself a hoarder or at least I assumed hoarding meant keeping a lot of things you don't/will never use and that's not the case with me. I use or will get around to using everything at some point. However, since I do keep opening BL chests I end up with a constant influx of items (whether I want them or not). I'm determined to get that permanent hair contract, damn it!

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