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    Dog Pile + Ready for Raiding III

    So I finished Golden Lotus rep ages ago, and absolutely hate doing all those dailies. Unfortunately, I haven't bothered doing some of the achievements associated with them, namely Dog Pile and Ready For Raiding III.

    Both of these achievements are part of the 3rd leg of Golden Lotus dailies, meaning I'd have to do the first 2 legs to see if the ones I need will open up. Ugh.

    Is there any easy way to find out if the associated quests are available on a given day? I really really don't want to do the first 2 legs of the dailies to find out myself.

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    I can confirm that even if that camp spawns, it does not mean you will get that hub of quests. The only way to know is to ask in general or trade to see if someone will be nice enough to tell you which hubs are opened today.

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    It takes like 15 minutes to finish first 2 camps. Don't be lazy.
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    I found a semi-decent way of doing this without having to do the quests (sorry but I am very lazy after having done them a thousand times across many alts).

    I just park my toon off at the 3rd quest hub I'm interested in. Eventually someone will come by and do the quests if that hub is active that particular day. If I see then, I head off and start the dailies. Not ideal, but it works.

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    Just ask around in guild/trade/general/etc. Either that, or camp the area for a minute or two and if you see others running around in those areas, then the quests are up.

    Edit: Also forgot one important detail. Pick up one of the two quests first, say the one for Dog Pile. Do it and turn it in, then pick up whichever quest is up for Ready for Raiding 3. If you pick up both and run off to do Dog Pile first, you won't get credit for RfR3.

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