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    Good to see this here. nice

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    Awesome information here! The graphs actually are very accurate to the current situation that I see and i'll deffinetly be looking for graphs such as these more often

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skarssen View Post
    Eh, I'd rather be killed by a brute in plate armor than some chickenshit with daggers or a physical weakling in a dress, but there is one really OP outlier every season. No reason to think that will change anytime soon.
    That made me lol. +1 rep

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunterpower View Post
    I'd like to add (note, i haven't read the whole topic) that the reason hunter rep is up there is only because they synergize incredibly well with warriors, they get carried by the warrior in KFC atm.
    After 5.2 i expect a huge drop in hunter/warrior rep and huge increase in monks/rogues
    maybe you're forgetting the 3 month stampede heaven those idiot hunters had this season. skill overload that class i swear.

    synergy in

    ps - thug is going to be a top tier comp.. and hunters are wildly overpowered on no.
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    I would give a lot to be able to look into the heads of WoW PvP devs when they see stats like this, which they dont need anyway because they undoubtedly have more accurate insider data available at all times.

    Still, I mean that would be like 3-4 times as interesting as playing this game. And ultimately probably equal parts hilarious and sad considering what they came up with for 5.2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baracuda View Post
    Don't know what's more awful, being most represented or least. In most you don't feel unique because everyone has FOTM rolled your class and there's no diversity in BGs(MoP Warr). In least your class is either horrible(Cata Warr) or hard to play. The latter(hard to play) is preferably imo, but it's usually the former...
    And now imagine what classes like warlocks and rogues feel like in MoP's iteration of arena meeting both criteria while having to witness classes like warrior, holy pally and BM hunter faceroll to entirely undeserved ratings, unable to do anything else other than feed them rating and turn away their heads in disgust.

    Well I guess rogues feel pretty good though going into 5.2, which ironically both spells even more doom for warlocks in arena in 5.2 as well as elevating them way beyond their sucky state if they can get into a decent RLS :-)
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