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    Where do you keep your headset?

    I always keep it on top of my pc tower, it sits there good and well when I use speakers and when I sleep.

    I am not comfortable putting them on my monitor, the pressure is pretty hard (G35 headset) on the screen. Also I am not comfortable putting them on my chair, no matter how remote the chance, somebody or me might sit on them by accident.

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    wherever i put it when i get up from the pc (usually on top of the keyboard)

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    I drilled a hook into the wall next to my desk and I hang it up there.

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    Either on my second monitor or on my head haha.
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    I bent up a hanger and taped it to the side of my chair's arm with electric tape. That's where I put my headset.

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    Some people use something like this banana hangar.

    I don't use a headset, so what I do is fold my cups flat and lay my headphones on my desk. Loads of room on this custom monster.
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    My G35 resides on the table, between keyboard and screen, when not worn...
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    I unclip my mic and put it on top of the tower and leave the headphones on the desk when I'm done with them

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    My Tt Chaser Mk I case has this retarded hook that's meant to hang your gaming headset from.

    It looks ridiculous, but I might as well use it. So, yeah... it's hanging from that hook.

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    My NONAME Headset rests on my head or on my NONAMEMADEINIKEA desk along with my NONAME computerparts that are in a NONAMETOWERCASE.

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    I put my G35 on my PC tower. It feels like a safe and great spot.
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    far away from my dogs reach
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    On the ground or behind my desk.

    I can't take care of things and I sat on my last one.

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    Walmart sells a $2 white plastic banana hangar. I use that for my headphones. It's a bit top-heavy, so you may want to tape some weight under the bottom of it. It has a nice 2 inch long flat part for the hook which is perfect for headphones.

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    I put it between my keyboard and monitor. No real reason to hang it or any of that.

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    Thanks for the idea. Though mine looks kinda silly.

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    Leave it on top of my PC, it's just the easiest place to put them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tekkommo View Post
    Leave it on top of my PC, it's just the easiest place to put them.
    As do I. Sometimes they'll slide off onto the desk during the night.

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    on my desk, or on top of the tower its random really.

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    My bearded dragon's tank is right next to my PC and I just pop 'em on top of it when they're not in use.

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