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    QBittorrent I/O Error


    I've been getting these errors on torrents randomly for a while now. Sometimes a torrent will be perfectly fine and download without a problem, but other times it will start downloading and then stop after this error notification pops up. Re-downloading the torrent will sometimes fix the issue, but not always. It'll download for a while and then the error will pop up. This torrent in the image for example got to 50% before there was an issue.

    Any ideas what might be wrong?

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    It may be that your hard drive is dying Or has write errors. It may be writing a certain fine up until that corrupt point and doesn't know what to do. Same thing happens if its full.

    If your drive isn't full you have two options. Back everything up and do a full format. (Not the quick one)
    Then put everything back on the hard drive and try again.

    Option 2 is to buy another hard drive, which i recommend.

    It which case you still need to back everything up.

    I may be wrong though this is what i suggest judging from past experience.

    One thing i suggest to every one is to always have a backup close by and a backup off site. This goes mainly for pictures and other none implacable

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    Quick google search yields a bug report on qbittorrent's website

    Seems like a known issue. Could be hard drive related, but I'm guessing it's related to the app if you're not seeing any other symptoms of a failing hard drive or corrupted FS.

    (any random crashes, corrupted files, or time outs on move/copy/read/write actions?)

    Try a different torrent client and see if it's happening there. Like uTorrent or Vuze.

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    I don't think my drive is failing, because outside of this I've never had any issues. I downloaded HD Tune Pro a while back when this problem first popped up, and I don't remember what exactly I did on the program, but I didn't seem to find any issues. This issue has been going on for quite a while, though it seems to be increasing in frequency as of late.

    Part of the problem might be the fact I'm using an older version of QBittorrent. Unfortunately to upgrade it wants me to delete the old client and install a new one. I'm not too interesting in losing all the torrents and having to find them all again, but I may try that later. I did try utorrent a few days ago after this issue started increasing, but whenever I tried downloading a torrent it always said something akin to "searching for peers/seeders" what have you, whereas the download would start right up if I used Qbittorrent. I'll try out Vuze and utorrent again I guess and see if that works.

    Fortunately I have everything important backed up, so if the drives do fail I wont lose anything.

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    I downloaded Vuze and it seems to be working for the moment. I'm guessing the issue was with the fact that I hadn't updated the QBittorrent client in quite a while. Hopefully no issues arise with this client.

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