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    Hope he doesn't die. He's my favorite Pandaren so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by checking facts View Post
    no biased eyes here.

    it's one thing to expect children to join their army.
    it's one thing to have them put in danger in front of the enemy to defend their country.
    it's one thing to give them a heavy and possibly mortal burden of responsibility.

    but letting them die just to see how many would survive and pass the test just to see which of them are worthy of joining the group? that's beyond cruel.

    they could have tried to save the ones who failed. they could have sent them back home with a pat in the back and a "sorry, kid. you can't be shado-pan". but they couldn't be bothered to move their fat posteriors to save the lives of children who admired them. how can anyone expect that this kind of heartless people will keep them safe?
    Failsafe against the spies...why do you think Ten go into this mess in the 1st place?
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    Taran Zhu will clearly become the cyborg leader of the Shado-pan Revolution of '14!

    OT: I'm pretty sure that he is preaching balance after his initial corruption by the Sha of Hatred. The larger question is, will both the Alliance and Horde have splinter factions in the run up to Siege? I have a sneaking suspicion that the conflict between Lor'themar and Jaina is going to turn to a a*hem*...uniting factor come 5.3 and beyond.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Constellation View Post
    Jaina Proudmoore, Alive, Not Crazy
    I question that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NatePsychotic View Post
    I question that.
    Do not start.

    Back on topic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jshadow View Post
    Failsafe against the spies...why do you think Ten go into this mess in the 1st place?
    so if you die, you are a dangerous spy of the evils of pandaria, but if you live, you are a great guy? what sort of logic is that?
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    No, I mean to make sure that if you fail, you're prevented from leaving the order and blabering out things that shouldn't.
    In other words, you take secrets to your grave.
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    Wouldn't be surprised if he ends up joining in the push against Orgrimmar to dethrone Garrosh.

    Garrosh is after all interested in using sha energy, and if it becomes clear to Taran Zhu that Garrosh fully intends to conquer Pandaria outright if the Pandaren do not join the Horde willingly, then the Shado-pan have a vested interest in ensuring Garrosh is defeated.
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