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    5.2 and Relic of Niuzao

    I'm wondering what people are thinking about monk tanking in 5.2 as far as trinkets go, i did a little research on it but not much and couldn't find any answers but I've been wondering before i go ahead and buy the Relic of Niuzao for tanking what do you guys think as far as 5.2 goes, will it still be relevant? good? since its the BiS trinket from what I've seen right now i assume it'll still be good whats your opinion and anything to back it up would be appreciated.

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    Whoever told you to get the Niuzao trinket at all was uninformed or mistaken. Stamina is not a good stat for BrM outside of gimmick encounters like Lei Shi, and a 10% dodge clicky on a 1m cooldown is just a weak version of Elusive Brew. The agility version of Relic of Xuen is a much better choice.

    In 5.2, my suspicion is that the increased item levels on the new raid gear will mean that the Darkmoon trinkets get left behind. I haven't seen specific numbers on that, but the Relics are 476 and normal-mode gear is 522; a 50 ilvl gap is hard to ignore.

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    The Relic of Niuzao is nothing more than a situational EH trinket that you occasionally use right now - it's hardly bis. Until you obtain better EH trinkets in 5.2, it'll still be just as situationally useful as it is today - which is, not too often.

    That being said, buy the thing. It's ridiculously cheap (like 3k on big servers?) and even if it saves your raid one wipe on Lei Shi or some similar fight, it's worth it.

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    Relic of Xuen is far, far more useful for BrM's than Niuzao will ever be, except for all-magic fights like Lei Shi (very very rare occurrences).

    If you can get your hands on a real cheap Xuen to fill whatever gap you may need, do it; otherwise, grab 5.2 and/or 5.0 trinkets and save your money. They're gonna become obsolete very, very quickly.
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    As far as I'm aware there's only 1 stamina trinket in 5.2, so keeping a stamina trinket from T14 is beneficial. This could be the Niuzao relic, so that if/when you hit a fight that needs extra stamina then you've got 2 trinkets you can swap to.

    That said, you don't want to be using it for the majority of bosses, as said above. The Xuen trinket is very nice and is BiS pre-T14 heroic modes, so should last a fair bit into 5.2 as well.

    But yeah, whoever told you Niuzao is BiS is a filthy, filthy liar.

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    For a stam trinket I keep Jade Warlord Figuring in my bags as a stam trinket and that's about it. Pretty much almost all /use trinkets are pretty meh for us but with the 5.2 changes to mastery Jade is 1600 stam + 3.75% shuffle on a 1 min CD.

    Niuzao BiS though? No, definitely not.

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