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    America, you great unfinished symphony.

    First Pentakill

    Not sure if this deserves its own thread... wasn't sure where to post it though.

    Wasn't my penta though... it was my first witness to one in game. Darius 4v5 bot lane.

    I was pretty amazed because I totally thought we were going to lose that fight. I died as Volibear... LOL GJ focusing the tank.

    We won BTW!

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    I get penta kills on my smurf all the time :P with akali

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    Just be thankful that it wasn't you on the receiving end of a penta. Hurts your pride as much as it ruins your game. I know how it feels.

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    Dunno bout that. I was pretty happy when I got my first one though

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    I get a few pentakills a year loads of quads :/

    My friend has _NEVER_ had a penta OR a quadra. true story!

    My last penta spree I believe was as MF in aram. Also darius is the Penta kill man along with kat/yi. they have moves to enable them to "secure" kills ;D

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    Only ever had one pentakill. Viktor vs bots >.<

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    Best I've had is a quadra. Life as a pirate is a hard business =/

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    i've had 1 penta as kata and a few quadrea as a few others :P

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    my first champ to get a penta was skarner, then rengar and a tryndamere. its a pretty awesome feeling, i dont see them much anymore though since most ppl have a dumb amount of hp mid -> late game.

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    Got my first real penta on Caitlyn in a 5v5 ranked team game. I killed their Ashe with a peacemaker-net combo on top of her fountain one and a half seconds before their nexus blew up. It felt good, and my heart would not slow down ^^

    Had two unofficial pentas (due to a random support steal) on both Evelynn and Riven.

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    My 1. and only penta was with Malph
    ok actually I stole it with my Ulti charge and E

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    Def. Not here.
    First ever penta->Tristana with plenty tiamats in season 1. they for some reason bunched up and the rest was history.
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    First Penta was with Graves, i was kicking ass and taking names.

    Love my riot graves skin.

    "Would you please let me join your p-p-party?

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    Had 2, both in the last month and a half. One with Tryndamere in a normal blind pick game. Other with AP Lulu in ARAM.

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    can't remember my first.. over a year since... have gotten 8 or 9 pentas in all though

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    "Pentawhat? I never heard about that."
    - Soraka

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    I have gotten one in the month I've been playing I use akaki albirt I took three of them from my buddy Sean

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    Quote Originally Posted by blamedity View Post
    "Pentawhat? I never heard about that."
    - Soraka
    Pentaheal. Karthus is now jelly.

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    Last time I almost got a penta it was stolen by a Cait ult. The guy wasn't even getting away from me and it was obvious I was going to get a penta, but the Cait ults the man and I don't have CDs up just yet to kill them before it goes off. Wasn't an accident, the guy was just rude the whole game and wanted any kills he could get.

    Quadra only club still going strong.

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    I think my first penta was with Katarina. It was very good. I felt good.

    I love Katarina.

    And I almost did a penta with Nidalee yesterday. God, if I did, it would have felt better since it's NIDALEE. Pentaing with her is pretty hard lol.
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