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    Quote Originally Posted by Majad View Post
    I think my first penta was with Katarina. It was very good. I felt good.

    I love Katarina.

    And I almost did a penta with Nidalee yesterday. God, if I did, it would have felt better since it's NIDALEE. Pentaing with her is pretty hard lol.
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    I got mine on Ahri. I died afterwards for not paying attention to the dead Karthus still throwing bombs around.
    After that I got a Quadrakill + Ace (almost another Penta o.O) and died because of Karthus' bombs again. xD

    I was yelling so loudly when I got that Penta. :3

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    I had my first penta with Twitch. With a complete item setup and his ulti, you can pick a moment to turn the tide of a push in a lane and score a pentakill.

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    had an unofficial penta on zyra launch day as zyra, fight near baron, zyra ult, instant quadra, akali being akali pops shroud and hides for too long to get actual penta

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    I actually got a penta as sona in a in-house ARAM. True story.

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    First penta I got was with Nunu of all freaking champions, during the beta days when I ran him full ap, got super feed early and killed 3 people with my ulti then chased down 2 more with snowball.

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    First ever with Draven about a month ago'ish. Lost the game sadly though I was super happy.
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    Had a Penta a while back with *cough*ap teemo*cough* actually had two in one game :P after a couple of years of never getting higher than a triple.

    Nearly got one last night on Garen, Spin to Win'd myself a triple, Q'd to the forth and ulti'd for a Quadra but sadly the 5th was Nunu and he snowballed me and bloodboiled away everything was on CD as well, so I couldn't reach him.
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    Have had a few penta.

    First one was as Tristiana in a teamfight where by cheer luck i got all killing blows.

    The 2 most awesome ones where Ulting onto a team doing baron and thenn hitting zonya's as fiddlesticks.

    And going 1 vs 5 as a really fed mordekaiser
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    I've had one penta...
    As Karthus... uhh... I think that counts. Still lost though

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    I've only had one penta and it was awhile ago. Got it as Annie while my team intercepted them fighting baron. Tibbers stun ftw

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    I've gotten a few bottles pentas, 4 ARAM pentas, and 1 in SR. My first one was Riven in a bot game.

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    2 Penta's . One normal ADC team fight bla bla bla I out scaled everyone and just last hit. Next one . Hit Q on master YI. Expected to hit 2, get a quadra lol and DFG for the penta:P.

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    My most recent penta was a fluke tbh. I was Jayce and I got roflstomped in top lane so I was a few levels behind everyone and very underfarmed. The enemy team had pushed into our base and were working on killing us at our main towers but they kept ignoring me since I couldn't do much at that point. However that was their mistake since they were all low HP. I killed them off one by one till I was under the tower trying to kill off the adc and managed to knock their hp low enough for the tower to finish them off after I died. We still lost but that was a fun penta

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    Had a penta as annie, and a Penta as AP yi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AFK-Champion View Post
    Pentaheal. Karthus is now jelly.
    lol! I'm still laughing at that one.

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    Only got 2 pentakills, and I got both withline like 3 days of eachother.

    First with kata, then with vayne :>

    Have had pentakills with ap ezreal and nidalee in aram, but I don't really count them, since it's aram.

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    ive had a few with Darius which as most know isnt exactly the toughest thing his R is insane but my favourite was while jungling as Amumu its amazing how much AoE damage that little mummy can actually kick out in a team fight and he's normally ignored since hes a tank

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    I got my first Penta kill with AP Yi - I was sooooo excited, lol.

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    I've never had a penta or quadra but I've seen the most amazing karthus pentakill

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