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    Easy penta picks : Akali - Karthus - Katarina - Darius

    One of my most retarded penta was with AD lulu, my team couldn't stop laughting and two guys in the ennemy team ragequited, AD lulu too stronk.

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    Never scored a pentakill in my life. And only one quadra. :<

    Edit: Actually 2 quadras. I scored one last week as Ryze. Skumbag Lulu denied my penta though.

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    Ive gotten 15+ quadras on lux but everytime someone else on my team gets a kill. Ive never been penta'd by the enemy team, mainly because if someone gets a triple I start to retreat to save myself from the disappointment of giving someone else a penta

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    True story. Team lost a 4v5 at dragon. Im coming from purple side blue. Enemy team is sitting on like 200-400health each. I flash in ult and w as heimer... LOL dat /all

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    loool for me the best champ todo penta is katarina

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    Haven't got a penta yet. Many a quadra (Ziggs AoE ftw!) and even an unofficial penta, but never a true one.

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    Still no penta for me, 4 quadra atm MF, Yi, Nunu and Fiddle

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    First penta ever was with Riven, triple kill with ult alone Ahh I love Riven

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    ive had like a million quads never a penta, almost got one, then the support took the last kill, forever without a penta :<

    grats OP

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    Never had a penta against a real life team, several quadras though. I tend to get pentas in bot matches though, usually take it as a defining 'Yeah you might be ok with this champion'

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    If enemy team member gets a quadra and im still alive I just give them the penta.

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    My first, I was playing Jax. The enemy team had no tank, they were doing Barron at the time, I decided to go facecheck barron saw they were all 50% or lower HP jumped in Aoe stunned and myself and barron went to town on the enemy. I was so happy, We ended up winning too.

    This was about a year ago, I've had many pentas since then. My best was on Blitzcrank AP Tank build

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverhatred View Post
    If enemy team member gets a quadra and im still alive I just give them the penta.
    I never do that, then i taunt them in /all 'Nooo penta for you!'

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    Just got my first Pentakill now. However it was so casual that it ruined the whole feeling. Was just a game that was a stomp where I just played cleanup duty, not very action packed or challenging.

    My life is now ruined.

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    I got it as katarina a few months ago. Before she got banned -.-

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    Got two in this game
    Patch 1.12, and not one step further!

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    First two on Vayne, standard get kills in teamfight then cleanup the remainder. 3rd on Irelia. The final kill was on a Jax who was initially at full hp, but my team was nice enough to lower him but not attempt to finish him off for me.

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    AP Kog. Arrived late for a teamfight and almost everybody was at ~20% hp so it was more of a cleanup than a penta.

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    I've got 2 so far. One with hybrid Ezreal and the ther with adc Wukong. Just the two chars I play the most.

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    I denied 4 pentas as nunu
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    First and only penta was with Tiamat stacking fiora. Flashed over the baron wall from purple side and ulted, killed their entire team and the tiamat splash stole baron. Solo pentakill + baron too stronk

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