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    Balance PVP questions

    I pvp as resto and feral. I have not played as balance in 4 or so odd years. I know alot has changed, but I would like to learn that spec as well in a pvp environment. I have been looking for some basic guides/videos, but I seem to be having a hard time tracking them down. Most pvp guides nowadays just want to cover talents and glyphs. I am looking for strategy information.

    Do you want to be in Lunar or Solar? Do you constantly bounce back and forth like in PVE? I think that is my primary question. What if you are sitting in between and you get jumped?

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    I think the main focus of the eclipses is the haste bonus you get from entering an eclipse. Oh and using starfall before entering lunar since it resets the CD.
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    With 4 piece, you use jump between eclipses, since you can channel Astral Communion while running. The best thing will be to be in Lunar eclipse, since you do more damage. When Nature's Grace has runned out, you need to get into eclicpse again to refresh it.

    Hope it helps!

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