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    [Assassination] Deadly Poison (DoT) low ticks

    I just started practicing PvE a few days ago after I hit 90. (Leveled by only doing PvP as Subtlety)

    My question is about the Deadly Poison DoT ticks.

    When I look at my recount data it says,

    "Deadly Poison 637 18.5%" for Deadly Poison.

    But for the dot ticks it says,

    "Deadly Poison (DoT) 206 11.7%" and is 5th for my damage done spells.

    Is this normal?
    I saw another rogues Deadly Poison (DoT) damage being top for his damage done spells. (on the same fight, which was the last boss of HoF LFR 2nd half)

    Afaik, haste doesn't seem to effect the ticks of Deadly Poison (DoT), so I don't have a clue what I'm doing wrong.
    And the counts between the Deadly Poison and Deadly Poison DoT is too far apart, 637 & 206.

    Thx in advance.

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    DoT part of DP will never be top damage in PvE (single target scenario), can be top damage in AoE case.

    Nothing wrong with hit to tick ratio (read the actual description, if target affected by DP all subsequent hits will deal instant damage), DP ticks every 3 sec, you have 50% default chance (65% with envenom buff) to trigger "hits" and weapon speed at 1,0-1,1 with SnD up, not to mention instant attacks which can proc DP aswell. Perfect case scenario - 6 autoattacks and 3 instant attacks within said 3 sec, do the math and count possible DP procs.

    Plus you can't compare numbers you getting solo with fully buffed.
    3000 mastery rating, 5% agility, 5% crit, 10% AP (all these buffs directly affect DP damage).

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    Thank you for your reply.

    Good to know that there isn't anything wrong with hit to tick ratio.
    Completely new to it,(newb melee/rogue) so didn't know how it worked.

    I guess the other rogue did aoe much more efficiently when the adds came out, thus had the dot as top damage&more ticks than me.

    First melee toon and I'm feeling lots frustration which I didn't have when i was a range.
    I personally feel melee is harder than ranged.

    Thanks again for the reply.

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    one of the things to keep in mind is if you are hit capped and whether or now you are comfortable with the amount of expertise you have. if you are fine with those two factors and other players have not complained about you then you should feel comfortable, depending on your dps of course but that comes with gear and timing more or less

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