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    The instance looks/feels awesome, plus most boss fights are very fun. Fantastic tier all in all.

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    Lore looks great, mixing in with the xpac titans or demons, or both maybe...

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    Titanic demons?

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    So far it looks like the best raid WoW has ever had to be completely honest.

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    Looks amazing. But know what'll make it even more amazing in my mind?

    If they give shamans some of Lei Shen's lightning spell effects. Ta.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzking View Post
    As the title indicates, does throne of thunder look like a great raid or will it just be another lame raid like Dragon soul.? Personally, i like trolls..but i hope they dont over do it.
    The first time I entered the raid instance, it made me actually want to play the game for the content and not only because I play it with friends. In a weird way, it had an Ulduar-ish vibe to it... and I loved Ulduar.

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    It's the content outside the raid that really impresses me. The solo scenario, rare elite tag sharing, the new world bosses and the class changes.

    I've not spoiled myself with the new raid, I prefer to experience it when I enter it. But what I've seen from the outside it looks pretty epic.

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    It looks really amazing, it definitely has potential to be a top class raid.

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    Weekly raid quests were datamined on wowhead. Look up stuff that rewards spoils of the thunder king and they should be there.
    Happy to see these back!
    OT: throne looks glorious.
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    I think it looks really good. Even some of the normal modes are decently challenging. Lei Shen look really cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wariofan1 View Post
    It looks really amazing, it definitely has potential to be a top class raid.
    Don't worry, a false sense of entitlement will quickly make this the worst raid to ever darken the doorstep of the game after it launches.
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    I haven't done the ptr so can't comment on the feel of it but look wise alone, it seems alright and could have some real potential.
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    From someone who's tested most of the bosses I can tell you its very much Ulduar=like in epicness. ICC is just one big Citadel and was epic in its own right. But there is just something about being outdoors and fighting your way to the interior and then delving into the depths of the caverns and then back up to the courtyard of the spire and then into Lei Shens room itself. Its a huge dungeon crawl and you get to see all kinds of great variety in look and feel.

    The troll argument is kind of meh, the trolls are a very small part of the raid. The first 3 bosses is all you have as far as trolls go. They are the first line of defense for Lei Shen and he pretty much doesnt give a shit about them. They ressurected him but he could care less if they die so they go down first and then you get to see whats been hiding away in the forgotten depths and then you get to see all the crazy experiments that Lei Shen was doing in this basement then back to the courtyard where the #1 Mogu general is sitting there with all his Quillen. Finally you get to go up against the only two female Mogu that guard Lei Shen and Lei shen himself. Its a great raid from what I can tell. I cant wait to see it in full so the story connects a little better.

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    I can't really assess its greatness before I've done a single pull on live. I'll let you know what I think after I've done a couple dozen corpse runs. Looks promising so far, but so many little things can mess up a raid tier, and stuff that seems fantastic on the first kill can get incredibly tedious when wiping on the 517th alt run (when the wrong person gets monstrositied in Un'sok, say).

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    Its looks so good. I love the mogu's lore and Lei Shen is an awesome character. Cant wait to fight him!

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    I have not seen all of the raid encounters. But from what I have seen I think it has potential to be a really fun raid!

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    I think it's going to be great. Yeah things are always more awesome when they are new but I'm really looking forward to this tier, and it looks like even the normals are going to feel rewarding to kill, especially Lei Shen. Also really like that there are pretty defined themes in each section and I think they did the indoor/outdoor stuff quite well and is part of what made Ulduar so nice.

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    If they don't destroy it after a few months like they did to Firelands, this raid looks very promising.

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    it LOOKS good, but unfortunately it won't be like ulduar(HMs triggered rather than difficulty set) so it will prolly be great, but not as great as Ulduar was.

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    don't compare it to dragon soul. I'm not in the PTR but have been following it thus far and it blows DS out of the water (then again pretty much every other raid does). the boss mechanics are fun and challenging, 12 bosses 13 in heroic make it just short of the number we have in this tier in multiple instances. along with an actual new zone to quest on, and a new faction along with single person scenarios. yeah, its gonna be fun.

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