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    Post Priest Stream

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Lumune (Cin) ^_^. I play on US-Area 52.
    Shadow Priest with 2000 3s rating streaming Arenas and casual Battleground gameplay.
    I also play Holy Priest (520) PvE and hope to start streaming Raids soon. ^_^
    I typically stream mornings, afternoons, and evenings. EST.

    Please give me a follow me on:
    twitter @_ciinciin_

    I wanted to create this thread to encourage people to post their streams and also to help out anyone who is looking for some insight on how to Priest, whether it be Shadow, Holy, or Disc.

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    We actually already have a stream list here:
    Pixeled Returned! Holy Priest

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    Pretty much what Mazi said. Post your info and I'll add you to the OP there.

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