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    trade skill master

    so i absolutely ADORE the addon tradeskill master, i use every feature that it has. I usually take a lot of time setting up profiles and groups for post submitions and the auto-mailler, etc. Though one problem, usually after i'v spent a ton of time configuring groups and profiles a couple days later EVERYTHING gets completely reset which is freaking infuriating as hell. I've backed up my interface and wtf files and replaced them after that just happened but that did nothing to set it back up to where i had it......is there another addon i could get to replace tsm just for the purpose of easily reposting all my many auctions on my bank alt like it does....or is there a sure fire way to actually backup my tsm profile so it doesn't bug out and reset to default?

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    What's your OS and WoW install directory?
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    window 7 64-bit, C:\Program Files (x86)\world of warcraft......thanks much if you can help

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    Try moving it out of Program Files. Windows UAC tends to mess around with files that are in there (and some other places, such as C:\Windows, but I hope you won't move your folder there).

    I'd suggest either C:\World of Warcraft or C:\Games\World of Warcraft.
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