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    Mage aesthetics

    Ok, just saw the preview for the Season 13 gear, and while I don't pvp, it still raises a question in my mind.... what is it about mages that causes the art folks at blizz to decide we must always have the back of a throne attached to our heads ? </silly>

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    that goes back to vanilla, magister regalia, arcanist regalia...

    i dont like the looks of our recent t-sets ...but that's why there is t8...and a couple of swords carried on back when sheated.
    i think with the transmogrification function, blizzard does not bother that much for item design...just look at all the sets from vanilla to now. paladin t2 is by far the best looking set imo...same with weapons: gladiator weapons almost all look the same to me. i just got lvl 60 epic grand marshal 2h hammer today, THAT is one paladin-look like weapon.
    so what goes for paladins, also goes for mages and any other class. the design quality of the sets...well drops. this is subjective of course, but i dont see many ppl wearing their normal raiditems without transmog these days...

    problem now: in 5.2 there is no spell dps sword...well...hakkari twin blade mainhand is a dagger

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    Real mages don't wear full helms like some of the tier sets have, they only either wear pointy wizard hats or no headgear at all.

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    I don't like helms at all.. there is no set helm or any other I can think of I really like so mine is wearing none. An no I don't know why they give us a throne attached to the heads

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    One of the best mage sets are classic green sets like Sorceror.

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