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  • The Thunder King

    156 28.21%
  • Hour of Twilight

    10 1.81%
  • Rage of the Firelands

    73 13.20%
  • Rise of the Zandalari

    26 4.70%
  • Fall of the Lich King

    209 37.79%
  • Call of the Crusade

    12 2.17%
  • Secrets of Ulduar

    133 24.05%
  • Fury of the Sunwell

    59 10.67%
  • The Gods of Zul'Aman

    104 18.81%
  • The Black Temple

    172 31.10%
  • Naxxaramus

    28 5.06%
  • Zul'Gurub

    5 0.90%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hanson71 View Post
    5.2 trailer is nice. Nice touch with the poem, it really struck a chord with me. But I can't really get into the lore side of 5.2 since there aren't any major lore characters. There is the Thunder King, but I didn't really know who he was until a few months ago.

    ICC trailer takes the cake. We killed off one of the major villains that people have been wanting to kill for years. That whole video from start to finish gave me goosebumps. No other trailer has had that effect on me time and time again.
    the reason there's no obvious bad guy/lore with mists is because we're literally discovering everything just now, before its always been HEY LOOK HERE I'M THE BAD GUY, NOT DOING MUCH TODAY PASSING TIME WHILE YOU EVENTUALLY COME KILL ME! except the lich king thats why i voted for that trailer, especially with its ending after you killed the lich king.

    mists is all about exploration and discovery your character is supposed to be exploring and seeing these bad guys for the first time, while only legends/stories are only heard of them, it's much better than flap flap burn a city, flap flap burn a city ugh can't believe they messed up cata so bad....deathwing looked epic but he'll be forever known as the worst raid boss in wow.

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    I have a soft spot for the Ulduar and Zul'Aman trailers (Ulduar was rad and the ZA trailer had great lines), and the old Naxxramas trailer (still a great listen). I think it's a tie between Fall of the Lich King and the Thunder King. Presentation is great in both of them.

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    The ZA trailer is my favorite, but I do like the 5.2 trailer very much

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    Definitely BWL.

    That guy running around in the background while they're trying to have a serious RP session makes me laugh every time.

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    Ulduar and Zul'Aman for sure! I miss those times.

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    Lich King and Black Temple are great.
    But please let me forget Hour of Twilight. That fight one deathwings back.. I could cry.

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    Dawg im 21 now...and the original ZA video still gets my D*@# rock hard

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    Went with Secrets of Ulduar. The Gods of Zul'Aman and The Black Temple get an honourable mention.

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    Black Temple = best music, best voice work and great lore

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    Overall, I'd have to say ICC. A great raid, a great story, a great trailer.

    I also liked the Firelands trailer and Black Temple Trailer... The Zul'aman trailer was pretty good, but seeing as we had absolutely no reason to go to Zul'aman, it loses something...

    While I loved Ulduar the raid, I never really cared for the Ulduar trailer. It was just so... melodramatic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    Kaleredar is right...
    Words to live by.

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    Since the Black Temple trailer is the only one that has stuck to my memory, I'm voting for that.

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    Black Temple was definitely the best one I've seen, the voice actor was amazing. Zul'Aman was great too though.

    I also think you should have linked the original trailer for Black Temple, not the one with those subtitles that cut off like a fourth of the picture (makes it look bad).
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    Ulduar, Black Temple, Sunwell, Zul'aman, Rise of the Zandalari and Firelands.

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    ZA by far.... when you here the last part "You wanna stay, you stay here forever. We gonna bury you here." Always sent a chill down my spine.
    It's like crossing an intersection. There's shit going on all over the place and you don't panic and act like an idiot then do you?

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    Ulduar was the best trailer and the best raid of all time imo.

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    I feel like almost all are pretty great as far as non-CGI vids go.

    The original ZA's is the most action-oriented, with tons of almost comic-like emphasis on the bad guys. I like that it shows us the boss' reasoning, instead of just our own, for once.

    Fall of the Lich King has probably the best lore-heavy video. Very moody and epic feeling, plus yet another badass quote, really gets you pumped when there's a takeaway line like that.

    Rage of the Firelands isn't really super-great (it'd be better without the weepy whining of the Orcs personally and just focusing on the cool stuff) but the visuals are some of the best. Hyjal and Orgrimmar on fire? Pretty awesome.

    The Black Temple one isn't really that great to me. Like it's cool for a story or lore video, but as for a raid it didn't really do much. It gives me tons of backstory, but doesn't go into a single boss beyond Illidan himself (technically I guess Akama, too). And what's with the ugly subtitles? Only video I saw that had them, and they weren't even necessary.

    The Vanilla ones won't get any high marks for graphics or anything but the Naxx one was pretty dang cool, for something so old. Original ZG...pretty meh, just "here's the bosses" edited together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Every Pwny View Post
    Black Temple was definitely the best one I've seen, the voice actor was amazing. Zul'Aman was great too though.

    I also think you should have linked the original trailer for Black Temple, not the one with those subtitles that cut off like a fourth of the picture (makes it look bad).
    Oh okay, good to know that's not how it always was. Doesn't really change my ranking of it, but makes it look less dumb.

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    Rise of the Zandalari, Vol'Jin, so badass

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    Black temple hands down. Nothing else even comes close.
    That glimpse of Maiev in the end made my inner nerd squee!

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    imo my favourite for the most shiny trailer was the Firelands.... ragnaros was so nice to answer thrall.. imagine how screwed we woulda been if he jus did a sneak attack outta no where..
    next best LK, rise of the zandalari, ulduar and the old troll trailers.. i jus noticed that in the new troll trailer.. Zul has both his arms.. although he said he cut off one of his arms to escape.. maybe its a diff guy idk lol..

    the crusade trailer is nice.. but the argent crusade gets dull really quickly.. its sad. as for black temple.. idk i jus see some ugly broken whining about how he got screwed over.

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