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    Quote Originally Posted by yurano View Post
    If you only play Blizzard games, GPU isn't all that important. You can get away with a 660 and have no performance penalty.
    I only put that out there because the OP was talking about trying to fudge a 670 into the build. That is all, and I completely agree with you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cyanotical View Post
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    Okay found a ZOTAC AMP Edition NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 2GB GDDR5 for $349 dollars. Hopefully that is better than the three i linked above. Is this the GPU I should choose over them all including the 660ti Power Edition?

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    Review here to consider. It's very old though so bear that in mind.

    If Zotac have fixed the issue then you have a good card. A very BIG card though but a good card nonetheless.

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