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    Everlasting Affliction glyph on multidotting fights?

    Increases duration of dots by 50% and decreases damage by 20%.
    Am I wrong, or could that be useful in situations with like 5-6 mobs that are spread apart? How would it be on Will of the Emperor, and does anyone know if there are any encounters in 5.2 where it's useful?

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    With 5-6 mobs spread apart it's almost a certainty that thos mobs are going to be short lived. In that case dotting several up with SB:SS and draining 1 that's close to death and replenishing your shards is better then that glyph, by far. It's basically a trap glyph for unexperienced players or players that just can't manage their dots well enough.

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    As I understand, what I read near the beginning of MoP when this glyph was introduced, was don't ever take this glyph. Unless you're very new and getting used to rolling 3 dots and Haunt, but even then I doubt you'd want to learn that way, just to have it get harder later on.

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