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    Confusion over the rogue priority

    Hi guys, so basically I've rerolled rogue and i'm unsure of a few things.

    Firstly, should I refresh rupture with whatever cp I have,

    Also, does Anticipation change my DPS priority at all?

    Thanks guys!
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    care to tell us what spec ur usin? and is it pvp or pve (i bet its pve couse for pvp there is no straight rotation but still...)

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    I suggest reading up some information on icy-veins.com, that helped me a lot.

    But as the previous poster mentioned, your spec would help us more to give you some information.

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    It sounds like you're either playing sub or assassination. If you're playing combat, I'd recommend dropping rupture entirely until you understand it better.

    In any case, there's a handy-dandy thread stickied at the top with the word "GUIDES" at the end you may want to look at, and if you've devoured those and still have assassination questions, try the "nitty gritty" thread stickied at the top as well.

    If you've got more questions, like the ones you're trying to ask, please include enough information for us to answer your questions - like what spec you are, and what you thought your rotation was before anticipation.

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    A link to guide is in my sig aswell in the stickies there is a guides section.

    Also, an armory link would be useful to us to give some pointers.
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