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    Speed gearing as fresh 90 for 5.2 raiding

    I'm basically converting from full pvp to pve in order to be able to be ready as soon as possible for 5.2.

    Is there any specific way I should gear up, or any "fresh 90 pre-raiding gearing mop guide" will do? Will I have time to hit reputation jp gear if I work hard on them? And will I be able to "raid" 5.2 content properly assuming I don't get any loot from current raids before the next patch hits? I know it's not hard to get an item or 2 from LFR, but it seems a major difference even comparing with people that farmed normal versions of 5.1 raids.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Depending on how good your PvP gear is, you may be able to use a lot of that. MoP changed how PvP gear is itemized, so that the PvP stats do not count towards an items stat budget. The stat allocation is usually not the best for PvE, and if I remember correctly it is slightly lower iLvl. But with a couple pieces from the 5.0 LFR raids (which will have a higher drop chance) you should be fine for the 5.2 LFR once it opens. You can also grind out VP for some relatively quick upgrades for the 5.2 factions. It shouldn't take too long. You won't be able to get geared up completely in a day or two like in Cata, but one or two weeks of effort and you should be good to go.
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    Link to character would help a lot, as well as goals towards raiding (class/spec, lfr/normal/heroic).

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    Link to character would help a lot, as well as goals towards raiding (class/spec, lfr/normal/heroic).
    Thanks, but sadly I still haven't decided which class I will be raiding with. I think the most likely choice will be this warlock, which I barely touched in the past. I've been researching and apparently affliction still seems to be the best in the majority of the fights, but demo seems actually much closer than it was before 5.2.
    I'm guildless atm, and contacted two guilds about the possibility of applying, which is why I'm so rushed to gear for 5.2 raiding, incase one of them has a spot (I mention two guilds because my raiding schedule is extremely limited, as there's not many guilds that raid at gmt lunch times). Due that, I'm pretty much forced to raid at those guild's pace and skill levels.

    I just contacted the guy that is streaming (on the front page of mmo-champion) ptr raids, and he said 4 weeks is a more realistic time-frame to expect, due the somewhat significant gear-requirement that normal raids in 5.2 provide. I'm assuming it will mostly dependent on if I can find pugs for 5.1 raids or not, and like Gurbz said, the efffort on grinding the 5.2 reps.
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    Since your time is SO pressed I'd suggest starting pugs if you can't find any, don't go a week without raiding. It will kill your gearing if you skip weeks.

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