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    Lot's of people say "lol" in my enviroment. Me too sometimes, usually when I laugh at a situation that is actually annoying. More a sarcastic lol.

    Also I don't say L O L as some people do... that's retarded. Much like: O M G. I say "lol" as pronounced as a real word. (or just Oh my god)

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    I once said to an employee of mine that I am wearing the epics, and I make decisions.

    I got a blank face as answer. Happens so many times that I use gaming terms and not just wow

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    one time I said "Gratz" when the microwave dinged

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    Never used any WoW or game related terms in real life...

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    I use gratz quite regularly, I've used Lol several times too, causing some odd looks.. "wtf, did you just really say that instead of laughing?"

    I've been in shops before and said things along the line of "I don't have enough gold, have to use a note".

    Also got an odd habit of trying to make wow/internet terms out of car licence plates...ex being; W567 BRB, and i'm like.. oh be right back!

    What a sad life i lead...
    Warriors in PvP are like small hyperactive children in a candy shop made of bouncy castle.

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