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    Best healer for Sub Rogue in 2's?

    soooo ya, what's the most OP healer for a SubRogue to pair up with for 2's as of now and soon to be 5.2?

    Rdruid seems to make the most sense with their ability to CC and different DR tables, or Hpal for freedom

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    i would think rdruid prolly right? rsham doesnt sounds too good

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    Go spriest/rogue and win at life

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    Rogue - Priest synergy have always been amazing, and I think there might be a comeback on the way in terms of disc-priests damage buff.
    I'm for sure thinking about going Disc-Rogue in 2s :-)

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    with rogue i always hated running healer/dps. i prefered spriest or mage. but if going to use healer. either priest or maybe mw monk next season since they well be able to do alot of melee range dmg while locking down targets to help you burst someone down.

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    rogue probably goes much further without a healer. maybe a spriest or mage

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    Rdruid with heart of the wild for 45 seconds of 2x dps

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    resto drood for some double dps action & cc
    resto shammy for outlasting people
    disc priest to melt people in the opener due to mass dispel on bubbles/blocks that usually prevent you from going totaly apeshit from the get go + disc rogue synergy is awesome

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    my vote goes to disc priest rogue / spriest rogue..obv reasons i guess.

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    Have played Sub (Me) & Mistweaver and it actually goes pretty smoothly. Monks aren't really OP or anything, but, my partner keeps out of trouble pretty easily.

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    Disc Priest. Only because their CCs don't DR with the rogue's CC.

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    Afaik disc has always had a good synergy with rogues, however, I think resto druids are a better choice now.

    Not only do they have amazing control with their cyclone, roots, knockbacks, etc, allowing you to take 1 target per time instead of having to deal with both at once.
    In addition to that, they have amazing mobility, giving them an easier time to survive on their own so you can go for the kills.
    They have a strong dps cooldown if you are going to burst someone down, and with symbiosis you both get a very good defensive cooldown. The rogue gets growl which turns him into tank, the druid gets evasion granting 50% dodge.

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    Disc is the best healer for rogues, no questions asked, sap into fears etc, not to mention shields allowing both the rogue and priest to play more offensively, shields allow rogues to get re-stealths off a lot of times, also mind control will be 1.5 sec cast next season; say hello to sap/fear/mind control, blind, into another mind control, into another mind control, into rogue CC into fear again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asharia View Post
    rogue probably goes much further without a healer. maybe a spriest or mage
    I'd second this. I can't stand playing either as or against rogue/healer teams. It's very hard for a rogue/healer to land a kill but very easy for them to never lose. If you are going to run this abomination though, best bets are priest and druid. Full saps off clones, fears, and mindcontrols are always welcome, and both pw:s stealth protection and hotw damage assistance would be really nice to have.

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    Resto druid is best, very potent opener with hotw, and they reverted cyclone dr nerf (it onnly DRs with itself, like now)

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    Disc, no comparison. Will be even better next season.

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    Rogue/Disc is going to be really strong. The potential to CC for nearly half a minute coupled with Rogue burst will be really strong.

    Rogue/Druid will be okay. HotW double-dps has also been mentioned, but outside that all Rdruid brings is cyclone, which isn't that fantastic in comparison to other classes.

    Rogue/Spriest, Rogue/Mage, Rogue/Feral and Rogue/Ret are all really strong on PTR and have always be generally good comps in 2s.

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    another rogue ...
    if ur 2 stealther's ur gon confjus dem enemiihz liek crahzy dem's gon b liek wut's goin on hear no on in da areena. den u wayt a few minets n ninja slay one of'em n collect lewts (by dat i meen arena points or sumthin liek raitings)

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    I also vote for mage or spriest.

    If you're really stuck on a healer go with a disc priest that knows how to help you burst and you should be fine.
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