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    Can someone give me an advice how to deal with these nasty felhunters (warlock quest?

    I can manage to get to the first felhunters phase and after they are popping out, everything starts to mess up and simply I wipe. I don't know what to do, to be honest. I use everything: CDs, doomguard, embers after the impfest, being demo with switching to DA and I still can't push over them.

    I know Kanrethad is supposed to be hard, but I didn't really have any problems with whole scenario until felhunters and I'm getting crazy with that phase.

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    I try to Banish one, then Fear and Havoc the second, and then Shadowfury the third one. Dark Soul is usually just coming off cooldown, so I pop that and shoot off a Chaos Bolt. From there it's honestly trying to get them all low enough to Shadowburn and hoping Kanrethad doesn't Cataclysm before you can re-enslave the Pit Lord.

    I think the fight is a gear check in large part. Theoretically with a lot more 522 gear you could almost one shot them with a CB, and I don't think the fight is meant to get to the second round of hunters, which come after a second round of Imps. If you get to the Doomguard, after the felhunters, I recommend Banishing him.

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    Send the pitlord off into a corner and make sure you LoS the felhunters from him. The corner in which you hide from Chaos Bolt, put him there. If you're dying to their melee, make sure you are dispelling yourself with the pitlord before you send him off, or with Unbound Will. They shouldn't kill you from their melee. Or pop your Sacpact. You have like 20sec to kill them tho, before the Boss Casts another Chaos Bolt/Cataclysm.
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    this is how I did it

    right before the summon, dispell yourself with the pitlord's flames + use his heal on you, then dismiss him, insta-summon voidlord.
    Then send your voidwalker on each of the felhunter while dpsing them (make sure to use havoc!!)
    then you should be able to walk freely while the Voidlord is tanking everything (incl. the Pitlord). Since all of the mobs are static now you can now run in front of the pitlord to get dispelled while the voidlord is tankign it, should you wish. (be aware of the chaos bolt in this phase, i tend to ignore it cause i'm focused so much on the felhunters!!)
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