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    Changing Faction, which race to pick (Horde)

    Good morning fellow warlocks, as the title says i'm changing factions, i've been an ally for all of my wow life but the lack of good guilds on my server and disband of my previous one made this choice so i'm going to the horde and another server, the thing is that i don't know which race to pick, the choice is between orc and troll. I know both have awesome racials but giving the fact that some of the bosses in the 5.2 are going to be beasts i was thinking troll. If anyone here thinks different, please let me know i'm looking forward to your advices.

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    The beasts are mostly in the early part of the instance. So you'll get a boost there compared to Orc, but then for the rest of the instance, and for every instance thereafter (unless you race change again) you'll be stuck with Troll while Orc is most likely better. I don't expect many Beast bosses in the Siege of Orgrimmar.

    In short, I'd go Orc, unless Troll just really is your thing OR if you don't mind race changing again to Orc at a later date if you want the best of the best.

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    Heroic horridon and tortos will be the dps blocks in progression. Go troll or go home.

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    Never thought the troll racial would apply to bosses - really ?! That's a bit mental. 5% extra damage in kinda huge.

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    Troll will be great on those fights, but Orc racials will be quite strong in 5.2 given that:
    1) we will be using pets again across all specs and Orc gives 2% extra pet damage
    2) once t-14 bonus is gone, the orc racial will line up perfectly with Dark Soul again making for a potent cool down combination.

    On the other hand, having a personal blood lust on a 3 minute cool down makes Troll pretty spectacular as well.
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    I would go troll for 5.2 but knowing ghostcrawler he'll probably end up nerfing beast slaying. Alliance players will QQ and then the nerf will come
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    Both have their racial advantages, as mentioned, so I would say pick whichever you like the look of (if either).

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    Quote Originally Posted by elucidate View Post
    I would go troll for 5.2 but knowing ghostcrawler he'll probably end up nerfing beast slaying. Alliance players will QQ and then the nerf will come
    There was a tweet where he said that the racial wouldn't matter that much because Beast Bosses are early Bosses.

    Personally i think that's bogus but i'm waiting until patch with Race change.

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    Troll for 5.2, assuming beast slaying stays as is.

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    I just switched from Orc to Undead because, well, Orcs look like shit in cloth armor imo. Plus the Touch of the Grave racial given to undead is not a bad choice for DoT classes. I notice it does about 1% of my DPS during a normal length (6 minutes or so) boss fight.

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    Doesn't Troll sim higher for Affliction?

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    Undead is the superior race! Best evil laugh, undead horses, can leech life, and we can eat people! Which is my favorite. Also a cool dance.

    Only downside is we don't have knees or elbows.
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    Orc. Huge shoulders, cool casting animations. All racials are lovely. What's there not to love?

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    Going pve I'd pick orc. Pvp forsaken.

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