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    Blade lord hc-advice needed

    ok so my guild is going to be trying blade lord hc tonight(2nd boss hof) i knw we are defo capable of doing this as we are 6/6 msv hc but i just wanted to try pick up some little tips.
    my 1st issue is astral shift talent i was wondering if it would be possible to soak an unseen strike with it although i do doubt it.
    another thing, is it the same as normal in the aspect that all the healing difficulty comes in p2 and if so would it be sensible for riptide, chain heal and spiritwalkers grace glyphs as in my opinion they give the best healing output for high movement.
    any other hints/tips would be truly appreciated.

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    starting this encounter later in the week, I'd like to hear feedback as well. Also has the unseen strike direction of damage been confirmed yet???

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi, you are correct in assuming astral shift does not allow you to soak an unseen strike.

    With regards to the healing, i would say the wind step debuff during P1 is the "Hardest" to heal especially when you are running away from bladestorm. P2 healing is fine if you just top everyone off before running to the other end, as long as people do not get caught in tornadoes along the way you will be fine.

    Unseen strike direction is targeted in a frontal cone towards the person that he is aiming it at. So have the raid group up behind the individual and you will not run the risk of anyone being slightly outside of it.

    Good luck

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    your whole raid apart from the person with wind step should be soaking the unseen strikes. astral shift helps if you are low on health or it doesn't look like most of the raid (8+) people are going to soak it. spirit shell completely trivializes this if you have a disc priest.

    for the last phase I use ascendance + swg on the first run and healing tide on the second. I do not glyph riptide but I see no reason why it wouldn't benefit you to glyph it if you're finding ascendance isn't enough to cover it.

    BoPs are great for wind step targets, hand of purity is awesome as well during blade tempest. we 2 heal it, my advice is coming from a 10m perspective

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    Hi, I would add some points as they might be helpfull.
    If you have a paly with you, make him spec for double bubble -> this can be used to negate the wind step debuff.
    Other than that, mages can get rid of the debuff with bubble & Invis (talented).
    Unseen strike can be taken by sp (with dispersion), DK with purgatory, Mage with Calterize (as this is on the same tier as the GI it's up to you. We opted for the GI so our mage could negate one wind step).

    As for the healing, it depends if you go for a 2 heal/3 heal. And on the amount of Wind Step negations you have as this is a major pain in the arrs. In P2 ... dont underestimate it. Even toped players cant reach the other platform alive without healing. We had some enginiers run and die as they left the healers far behind.
    The same applies on the slip stream comeback. Move togehter so everyone is in range of healers.

    Alltogether is is a REALY easy fight.

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    As stated earlier in this post this fight has two "difficult" perspectives:
    - In Phase 1, you do not want to spread the 'wind step' debuff. This hurts badly in HC and only one person should be touched at a time.
    If you have any Paladin in your team, the double Hand of Protection is great to completely remove the wind step from someone (This should be done only before blade tempest).
    - In Phase 2, ask your team to wait to be full health before moving. Just run, and avoid tornadoes. (Resto druid or monk healer are great to help with the running part).
    At 10.6% the boss will move to the other end of the room. What you can do is doting the boss and leaving the rogues if you have any on this side of the room to finish the boss. All other people can move to the other end easily with the wind (leave at 12-13%). This way you will "avoid" one run in the middle of tornadoes.

    - Bloodlust at the very beginning of the fight.
    - spread the team to avoid multiple wind step.
    - Hand of Protection the new debuff before a blade tempest.
    - Don't stand too far away from the boss before blade tempest, otherwise you will lose some people.
    - Everyone BUT the person with the wind step debuff soak the unseen strike (use any defensive ability your team have if necessary).

    - wait to be at 100% HP before moving.
    - use warlock demonic portal to fasten the travel if possible.
    - full dot the boss and leave at 12% HP.
    - P2 is not hard, you can finish this phase even if only half of your team is alive - considering one healer is still standing.

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    Might not really be needed that much anymore but this is how we first did it.

    Split the room into 3 parts. Move between parts of the room after every 2nd tempest.

    Spreading is only really important for the windsteps so announce it 4-5 seconds before it happens to ensure folk are spread and so that only 1 person gets it.

    Choices are to BoP that off or just have that person not soak.

    Use a cd for each one. You can do 3 people essentially and should get no more than 6 to beat enrage.

    So for instance we did the following (obviously this is 25 so is not quite as applicable for 10, you wont have the barriers or 2 rallyings but it is really overkill anyway)

    1 - Resto Druid Tranq + SLT
    2 - Resto Sham HTT + SLT
    3 - Resto Sham HTT + Barrier
    4 - Same as 1
    5 - Same as 2 + Rallying
    6 - Same as 3 + Rallying

    Overkill I am aware cause its not that hard a fight. Obviously SS from Discs can be loaded early.

    For the first run our Druid then SWG's Tranq on the first run. At 12-12.5% we slipstream (use the side winds to run from 1 side to the other letting the dots bring the boss down to his transition phase and the HTT is done at the bottom by Resto Shaman for CD 2+5 above and he goes .2-.3% earlier to be there in time.

    Obviously use roars to go up to the first side and the slipstream helps you on the way back.

    For glyphs dont waste your time with glyph of chaining. The raid takes almost no dmg outside of Unseen or a single person having wind step on them. Last phase you're going to be SWG asendencing and you will likely be Pre Riptide(maybe a couple of themwhilst you are healing up before the first run - since you wait after he pulls you all to the end to heal up to about 80% health) then spamming GHW or HS to maximise the ascendence healing since you may CH someone who is keen or lags behind so doesnt jump enough.

    I would suggest Riptide, HST & Tell Currents(cause there is lots of time with nothing to heal), SWG or totemic recall if you prefer that way of mana back.

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