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    Lava Lash

    Hey guys, just a quick question I hope you guys can help clear up as ive been reading conflicting reports from, different sources.

    Ive recently re rolled to enhancement shaman as my guild had lots of Strength Plate DPS and very few agi mail users, plus enhance is in a strong spot DPS wise right now more so than my current Main class.

    So the question is should I only be using LL with 5 stacks of Searing flames or not taking the stacks into account? Obviously im going by the priority rotation suggested both here and EJ but when it says LL in that prio list does it mean only with 5 stacks up or just use it no matter the amount of SF stacks you have build up on yourself? (or maybe this changes in 5.2 if thats been theory crafted too?)

    Im doing decent damage in my current gear level but have always enjoyed min maxing in the past and would like to do so for my new character in 5.2.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Dont bother thinking about stacks, lava lash on CD

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    Sure, using LL with 5 stacks of SF is best. However, the vast majority of the time, SF will be at 5 before LL comes off cd so essentially it becomes a non-issue. The only time this would even matter is when you are starting a fight or when you have extensive downtime (no searing totem up) in which case, LL according to queue and not SF.
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    keep your fire totem down and you don't have to track it. you will always have 5stack

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    What the above poster said.

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