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    Looking for some CRZ Roleplay [Alliance]

    Hey there, MMO RP forum. What's up?

    Glad to hear.

    Okay, now, so, I play and roleplay on Cenarion Circle US. Lovely realm, lotsa nice people and I consider it my home away from homes. Yet there's a slight issue... I've been having some issues finding RP consistently in-game, especially RP that suits my elitist snob palette. And unfortunately, a lot of people are disappearing lately : /. So, I was curious, is there anyone on the Alliance, on a North American RP or RPPVP realm that might want to get involved in some CRZ RP (basically, RP anywhere outside Shrine or Stormwind)? Tried hanging around inns in the starting areas just hoping something would pop up, as well as all the usual relevant places for my realm. If pressed, I can provide a character sheet of sorts. Private messages are welcome.

    Edit: Character sheet of sorts, because I'm sorta bored.

    Name: Lilian Rachael Morgan
    Age: 25
    Race: Human (Worgen Cursed)
    Gender: Female
    Class: Illusionist ((Elements of Rogue and Mage))

    Languages: Common. Simple command of Darnassian.

    Faction: Free Agent, Conclave ((My RP guild.))

    Personality: Easy-going, jovial, jokester. Merciless flirt. Somewhat narcissistic, in a playful way. Very much enjoys luxury, basically the opposite of pragmatic.

    Likes/Dislikes: Enjoys people going along with her jokes, teases, or flirts-- particularly the ladies. Fascinated by magic in all its forms and Darnassian culture. A very 'romantic' type, with her wife.

    Has a passionate hatred of the Undead in any form. Not fond of talks of war. Becomes very uncomfortable around talks of valor, duty, sacrifice-- the things that juxtapose what a coward she is.

    Appearance: Spring green eyes. Brown hair (Dyed red) kept just beyond shoulder length. Rather plain and un-endowed, were it not for her particular attention to grooming. Pale skin. 5'7" and 143 pounds.

    Her Worgen form tops out at just over 7' even and 286 lbs. Her mane is unkempt, and her eyes are as sickly yellow has her fangs. Light grey coloration, ears always kept perked high.

    Strengths/Weaknesses: A talented enchantress with a knack for detecting many forms of Arcane magic. Competent at illusionary and escape magic, particularly variations of Mirror Image and Invisibility.

    Very weak fighter, preferring instead to avoid or escape combat if at all possible. Indecisive. Easily distracted by objects of apparent material or historical value.

    History:There's a bit much. The short of it is, she was born in Amber Mill, Gilneas (just beyond the site of the wall) to a relatively wealthy family, fled southward at the first signs of the advance of the Scourge. Her family took refuge in Dalaran as it was sieged by the Scourge and Legion. As one of the survivors in the ruins, she made a meager living assisting in the reconstruction and cleanup efforts and selling certain items of value she... recovered. After reconstruction efforts ended, she moved her efforts into active burglary, spending several consecutive months in the Violet Hold at worst.

    As an alternative to punishment, she was 'pressed' into apprenticeship as a sorceress. She managed, poorly, to complete her apprenticeship during the Nexus War and attached to a small group of Battlemages, tasked with recovering magical artifacts hoarded by the Blue Dragonflight.

    At the end of the Nexus War, she chose to leave Dalaran rather than stay in Northrend during the worst part of the Scourge war. She spend much of the following year wandering through the Eastern Kingdoms, 'treasure hunting' and performing odd tasks, and plying her trade as an enchantress. For roughly 18 months, she has lived within the kingdom of Stormwind with her partner and, recently, wife, Leiona Morgan and has continued work as a relic hunter and curator for the organization Conclave.
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