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    Need some Help (Heroic Gear Transition)

    Hey there guys,

    I need some help.
    I'm atm at 497 ilevel with 4/5 Normal Set Parts. I've got every slot but the Chest, where i got a 510-Heroic Mode Piece.

    So i switched guilds lately and i'm now at 9/16hc and got 3 heroic pieces today. the problem is that i'm not sure if the 4-piece bonus is better than my 2 items i could switch.

    Atm i got: http://www.wowhead.com/item=85294
    and: http://www.wowhead.com/item=85295

    and i could change them into:


    Ive simmed that in femaledwarf.com and it says that i should be around 400 dps higher with the heroic items. but i'm not sure because of the awesomeness of the 4p for BM. anyone got some help here?

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    If the dps difference is just that its barely noticeble any gear you use... dont stress too much about it

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    Well, there is some math behind it. For BM you'd be getting 10% more damage for you and 20% for your pet for 6 additional seconds. Which maps out to roughly a ~1.5% damage increase if used on CD. Using femaledwarf 320 agi is just a tad above a 1.2% damage gain.

    The off tier pieces have 317 more agility and with better itemized stats. Basically trading haste/hit for mastery/crit. Femaledwarf also averages all your abilities so let's say you use your pre pot and a trinket procs at the start that would make your burst way greater than ~400 dps, but in the sim it's being averaged into all your other abilities devaluing the proc and BW. I'd say keep the 4 piece.

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    All right thank you, that sounds legit.

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