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    Quote Originally Posted by XangXu View Post
    As in I haven't played him in forever.

    Still though, the whole "secrets of death" is intriguing honestly. And the fact that the afterlife hasn't been touched on is kind of interesting. I could RP my character to never reveals the secrets of death, simply because doing so would not only break tons otherworldly laws, but because describing death is something that would most likely drive anyone insane.

    It could also be a lovecraftish thing, where simple language doesn't have the words that describe it, and no moral, including him, really has the tongue of mouth to pronounce the descriptive words.

    From what I've read of this post, it also seems like Blizzard has been writing everything around death to be particularly vague...

    I'd be playing my character the same way.
    Just, when you say he'd be an "employee", IIRC Death has no personification in Warcraft, as either a person (a la Discworld) or a force (a la Final Destination or even the Reaper tv series). There are those that manipulate death, certainly, and there may be some form of afterlife in WoW (every race has some ideal of after-life; being with Elune for Nelves, becoming one with the Light, etc). Also, remember we have seen Ancestors of the shamanic races that come back to speak/give advice, we've seen ghosts of individuals that linger for certain reasons (I'm thinking that quest in Darkshore pre-Cata that gave you the vial of tears and made me cry IRL), we can assume that "souls", the immortal essence, exist because in the most famous example I can think of, Nerzhul's was tortured and placed within the Lich King's armor. Of course, it is possible that those souls exist on the mortal realm, and eventually pass onto a newer plane of existence (which is what Arthas and Sylvanas went to because they were undead to begin with), but we don't know that much and probably never will.

    If you have a specific reason to RP a character like this, that's one thing, but I'd highly recommend not basing your character off an area of lore that is not only easily changed/explained by Blizzard, but is vague at best and cannot ever be divulged. It's a little like "good" Dragon RP in a sense: you can't inform anyone of it, so most of the time the RP-effect is just for you.

    On the other hand, though, Shadowpriests are more in tune with death and the more macabre aspects of faith. Ironically, IIRC the eventual fate of a Shadow Priest is to become a shade, unable to interact and eventually be seen by the world around them.

    Also, I hate to be "that person", but something about Bridanbraid and Koltir makes me feel that it's more a fourth-wall breaking message from the Developers about the person that died than an actual in-lore thing. It's heartbreaking stuff, but it wouldn't be in if not for the real-world circumstance.

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    A Forsaken shadow priest who's become obsessed with the concept of death and the spirit world could be a good comprimise.

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    Sylvanas mentions Hell when she encounters Arthas in Warcraft III some time after she has regained her body.

    Arthas - Sylvanas!
    Sylvanas Windrunner - You walked right into this one, Arthas. It's time to even the scales.
    Arthas - Traitor! What have you done to me?
    Sylvanas Windrunner - It's a special poisoned arrow I made just for you. The paralysis you're experiencing now is but a fraction of the agony you've caused me.
    Arthas - Finish me, then.
    Sylvanas Windrunner - A quick death... like the one you gave me? No. You're going to suffer as I did. Thanks to my arrow, you can't even run. Give my regards to hell, you son of a bitch.

    Hell and also Heaven are mentioned multiple times in both Warcraft 1 and 2, less so in 3.

    Many of the details regarding Hell were retconned. Much in the same way The Heavens and God were. The northshire clerics from warcraft 1 refer to a God both in game ("Deo Gratias", Latin for "Thanks be to God") as well as in their description of the unit themselves in the WC1 manual.

    Forsaken do believe in, and make multiple references to a "true death"

    True death is the name given to the final and harshest punishment exercised in Forsaken law - in essence, an execution. It appears to be reserved for criminals who have committed high treason against the Forsaken's leadership, like Grand Apothecary Putress, proved themselves a threat to the Forsaken's way of life, like Warden Stillwater, or taken up arms in rebellion against the Forsaken, like the Rotbrain undead.

    While the 4 Horsemen in naxx were originally based on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from the Book of Revelation, said to bring the end of the world — Zeliek as the White Rider of Conquest, Rivendare / Mograine as the Red Rider of War, Blaumeux as the Black Rider of Famine, and Korth'azz as the Pale Rider of Death. Warcraft doesn't really have a Grim Reaper as such.

    The fourth horsemen is often depected using the same scythe imagery as the Grim Reaper figure does, minus the cloak.

    Tier 6 priest gear + the Frost Scythe of Ahune, or similar scythe would make a nice Reaper transmog set.
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    Interesting enough World of Warcraft doesent have the Pantheons and strict religions we see from other mmo's and RPG worlds. We hsve the titans, the old gods, and the energies of elements like light, shadow, fire, etc... Sargeras is described as the archetype of evil, he is actually a fallen titan; who was once good was led away from goodness after witnessing atrocities and convincing himself there that all was evil and therefore needed to be destroyed.

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