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    Help with Sha of Fear 10hc phase 1

    Patch 5.2 is getting close, and our 15/16hc guild's focusing on the last boss for the rest of the timer. Things are we seem to be struggling more than expected and after 40 wipes still haven't reached Phase 2 (best try at 70%).
    Here's our comp:
    Tanks: warrior/druid
    Healers: Disci priest/paladin
    Dps: Ret pal, affli lock, arcane mage, moonkin, shadowpriest, + windwalker monk or another arcane mage.
    3 days of logs:

    We don't kill any small adds. We tried saving cooldowns for the platforms, but found ourselves too short on the boss (73-76% at 4th cackle) and some of our dps (ret, moonkin) were complaining they couldn't dps properly on pull.
    So with more cds during the pull it seems our boss dps will be sufficient enough(83-85% at 2nd cackle), but we're now having some trouble to kill the adds in time.
    Depending on who gets ported it can be really easy or really hard (SP+moonkin in one group means that the other group won't get the haste buff, huge advantage on having the disc priest who's dpsing 5-10% of the add's hp, etc.), even with no healing orbs getting through.
    Our mages do seem very low too. Is Arcane mage a bad class for adds killing? They both have 503ilvl so it's not a gear issue, but as a (504ilvl) affli lock I'm constantly at 8-9M dmg on the adds while the mage ported with me is only at 5-6M (like these trys for instance:
    I know locks are pretty OP with KJC, but I don't think there should be such discrepancy. Is there some tricks to improve their dps? We're using Hand of Protection if available during Death Blossom, generally on moonkin/SP (don't need it as a lock).

    Also what we plan to do is having our tank spepping outside the light before the 4th cackle and using cooldowns, the ported group not engaging the 4th platform, and getting to P2 before the 5th cackle.

    Thanks for any help! (I do hope that Phase 2 will turn out to be easier to learn, as time's running short )
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    Perhaps not really helpful, but I'm confused as to why ALL of you are eating SO many Dread Sprays, the only person allowed to get hit by Dread Spray should be the tank, if DPS or healers eat Dread Sprays they're doing something wrong. Even more so if you end up getting feared in Dread Sprays, that's a lot of extra healing required, DPS time lost and orbs going through.

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    Probably not what you want to hear but if you're struggling this hard on phase 1 it looks pretty bleak for getting a kill before 5.2. It took us about 10 pulls to get to phase 2 and about 80 pulls to get a kill.

    We were able to only have to kill 2 platforms even before getting Lei's hope buff. The 3rd group that got sent away could just afk while the other 5 people pushed it to 66.5%. You said you're at 73-75% at the 4th cackle...we never even saw a 4th cackle. From your logs some of your DPS look pretty bad, especially on the pull. Also tell your Disc priest to play his class to it's full potential. I do over 100k DPS on the pull and can sustain 70k DPS throughout phase 1 on that fight as Disc. It can really make the difference between missing a cackle or not.

    As for the platforms. No one should ever get hit by dreadspray, except maybe the tanks one or two times. There's addons out there that make it completely trivial. Everyone should help the tank pick up the healing orbs between dread sprays. If one goes through you're probably not going to make the DPS. As for mages in particular, I know our mage on this fight puts down his two runes of power in two different "safe spots" so he can blink between them to avoid dread spray and have a 100% uptime on his rune of power. He doesn't help with the orbs and his platform DPS is quite good.

    This is a fight where you really have to squeeze DPS. If people aren't playing optimally it's not going to go well. Over the course of the fight I did 50 million damage as a Disc Priest, I really feel for any group that doesn't have one.

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    Tell your arcane mage to swap fire so you can get the buff, we are doing it in two now, but it is very hard fight

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    in 10 men phase 1 difficulty varies a LOT depending on your setup. if you got lots of melees and warlocks its massively easier. plus some classes actually get buffed from picking up the globes. some evenings we spend there with two mages, a spriest and an elemental shaman. now if a cackle picked monk tank, druid healer, mage, mage, elemental shaman it's a very rough dps race. and the othe group bieng tank, disc priest, rogue, feral, hunter will be done with 10-12s to spare, at least.
    caster dps that can't dps on the move should set the addon to minimal movement. that means you WILL get hit by dead spreay, which isn't a problem as long you never get hit by a second (and get feared).
    so 'you shouldn't ever get hit by dead spray' is a dumb statement. if moving gimps you, you SHOULD get hit by spray (if you got a dps problem, if you're killing the archers easily in time, just dodge it of course) but you obviously should NOT get feared.

    it took us a lot more attempts to get p1 done then p2. I can see about 60 p1 wipes on WoL and theres less then 20 p2 attempts (although those obviously take a lot longer).

    Especially if your dps seems to be a bit behind, I would really just kill the small adds, at least to get the buff. If you get a 3rd and 4th cackle, ignoring them doesn't help you anyway as you won't have dps cooldowns available. If you have to kill archers without dps cooldowns, then you might as well clean up the small adds.
    If you're worrying about the overall enrage timer, it doesn't exist. Our first kill was the first pull that evening (so without buff p1), we killed all adds and in P2 as soon as there's 4+ adds up, we have dps focus on adds heavily. Even then enrage is just no issue (if there even is one? could be its just a soft enrage with adds overwhelming you eventually).

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    First of all, get dreadsprayvr and use it.

    Secondly, if you can't beat the dps requirement in p1, you don't stand much chance of actually killing the boss in p2.

    As people said, raid comp makes a big difference here, we quite easily beat p1 dps requirements, (haven't killed sha yet, but have 5% ish wipes) and tbh i expect our kill is going to take upwards of 17-18minutes. If you cant do enough boss/panda dps in p1 by 4 complete cackles, you aint gonna be able to dps the boss (or adds) enough to kill it full stop.

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    I don't know why everybody is focusing so much on Phase 1 DPS because it is almost completely irrelevant. We killed Sha this Monday with the following composition:
    Protection Warrior (me), Protection Paladin,
    Holy Paladin, Discipline Priest,
    Arcane Mage, Balance Druid, Survival Hunter, Elemental Shaman, Enhancement Shaman, Fury Warrior.

    In the attempts where we don't have the buff yet we use Bloodlust on pull and save big DPS cooldowns for the platforms. Depending on who gets ported we can finish anywhere between making it right on time and getting back with like 15 seconds to spare even with the mob healing once. We kill adds on the main platform - each Cackle group kills 3 or 4 adds. Looking at our logs (http://worldoflogs.com/reports/cofe9sgywyphx21w/) it looks like we had FIVE Cackles before entering P2 for the first time that night.

    On subsequent attempts we do Bloodlust + cooldowns on pull, ignore adds on main platform and push Phase 2 after the third Cackle happens (the third Cackle group doesn't engage the crossbowpanda so as to save procs for Phase 2).

    We killed the boss when the second set of 7 adds arrived. Our DPSers were in 501-504 itemlevel gear. The kill took 16 minutes and 23 seconds. We had about 120 wipes on the boss.

    I agree with pretty much the whole post that kaib made earlier in this thread. If you're using the "ShaOfFearAssist" addon with the Minimal Movement setting then you're going to get hit ONCE per Dread Spray on the middle and right platforms (on the left one you shouldn't get hit at all). This is okay; getting feared at any point is NOT okay.

    Being a prot warrior is nice on the platforms because you can use the rage you get from the globes to spam Barriers and also dispel fear with Berserker Rage. We decided to exploit this a bit more and had me just go into the yellow circle and taunt the boss after getting back to main platform while the other tank stepped out of it, which resulted in me being ported again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dagthul View Post
    I don't know why everybody is focusing so much on Phase 1 DPS because it is almost completely irrelevant.
    Well p1 dps is very relevant if you don't have enough to even get to p2...

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    I think that's in a lot of cases caused by everybody blindly following the "don't kill the main platform adds" advice without adjusting their strategy to fit their actual group setup. Also I was talking about the "x % after the y-th cackle is really bad" posts. Of course it's a different story when the DPS on the panda adds is a problem, and in that case you're right.
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    Just kill some adds to get the haste buff.

    Once you get it you just forget the adds and zerg boss.

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    Yeah, get dreadsprayVR. It helps pretty well. Kill the small adds if no haste buff, zerg the boss with lei she's buff. The VR addon will also help your raid be able to help pick up orbs, although from a couple attempts y'all are missing a few orbs regularly which makes the platform dps super tight, especially with the dps being shown. Missing orbs and letting them heal the mini dudes on the platform is a recipe for a wipe.

    Dunno how any class can complain about dps'ing on pull seeing as, last I knew Sha doesn't actually pull unless somebody either hits the boss or stands in the pretty bright circle in front of the boss. And unless there are a couple people logging, combat logging for this boss isn't going to tell the entire story due to range issues with seeing damage on platforms, although rest assured... your druids are severely underperforming.

    Lock tip, when you do get Lei Shi's buff, stay out of the middle (keep it clear for the healer to be able to run around dodging stuff and healing the tank), only port inside the 'barrier' when fear is incoming. Keep corruption on the adds and enjoy lotsa shards for more haunts for more dmg on Sha for faster transition to p2 for wealth.

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    If you want to trivialize phase 1, then get the sha of fear assist addon.

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    We used lust on the first 2 platforms then second second pots on 3-4 if it went that far. If the 2 ppl that can use lust went the same time the second lust was used as the second group got sent. Thing is tho the orbs will spawn faster so your tank will need to do well picking them up. We had a couple of undergeared players so that really helped. I really wouldnt worry about the second phase to much, just find the middle of the room and make sure ur ball throwers on on the ball!

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