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    Thanks for all the tips, and the farming route! been wondering how on earth I am supposed to earn a living x] With all the yellows - do I just vendor it all? (Except those with good stats, like alot of all ress and such)

    And I got blacksmithing maxed aswell, cant say I got much mats though. So maybe I should start salvaging yellow items?
    good work on your updates.. as far as gear goes. just pickup yellows gold and legendarys.. leave blue items on the ground as they will clog your inventory and not sell for much. a typical blue could be 300g or 600g. yellows are usually 1200-2000 or more. npc the yellows unless they are worth something big.
    most legendaries and yellows arent worth anything anymore unless its like a weapon with crit hit dmg/ crit hit chance/ and ias or a socket or lifesteal.

    weapons need to have like 800+ dps crit hit dmg/ socket/ lifesteal to be worth something
    rings gloves/amulets /weapons are usually the only yellows worth anything anymore.. everything else must be npcd.

    since you have lvl 10 blacksmithing u can buy the archon chest armor from the vendor squirt in act 2 for 1.8m its the most expensive plan but it will serve u well. try crafting one with 250-300 str /vit and all resists. since u have IK gloves thats good, i hate to say this but crit chance> str so try and find a 5% lacunis crit chance with a minimal amount of str. u want to have over 50% crit chance while buffed with the scoundrel as it'll help your rage generation.

    your chest seems to be the weakest spot atm so if u can save up to 2m and start crafting chests you'll be golden. boots next. ik boots are generally very cheap and u can get one with 12% movement speed so you'll be capped. your life is kinda low, next you'd wanna get blackthorne's jousting mail with str/vit. aim for more vit then str atm... you want nearly 40,000 life for farming act 3 comfortably. your neck is good and shoulders are good. helm could be upgraded to an ik one when u get the money and put an exp gem inside it. usually a Star ruby or below will help you lvl paragon rep much faster.
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    Looking good but like announced said your hp is low. Bt pants are better than they look and not too expensive as long as your not looking at upper end ones. Loh isnt as bad as ppl make it out to be.

    If your having problems staying alive swap your overpower rune to crushing advance, it reflects back 35% so you take 35% less damage and its always up since you crit alot. It allows you to play lazy and stand in stuff while still being undergeared. I only dropped mine to pick up rend or hota (eventually got both, i run hybrid ww) so i could do more dps, one of my fav skills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by traen View Post
    Reread my post one more time. Scorn is NOT AN OPTION without attack speed on items. Its SLOW. Remove all your items with attack speed(you'll get 75k dps probably) and try to "farm" things with scorn. You'll be surprised.

    Take the critics like a man. If you are wrong, just admit it. If you are not sure - do some tests, do theorycrafting.
    No one is mocking anyone.
    Scorn is not a right choice for new ww barbarian with no gear. Using EF as offhand is dps loss comparing to spending the same amount of money for EF as MH. New player can't afford a weapon for 35m.
    There is nothing funny about it. Its exactly how things are.
    Just stop it already. Like I said, I assume he will be 75 dps very quickly and he is already at 50ish, a Skorn will be more than viable pretty quick, been there done that, I know what works and what does not. Try it before shutting down something you obviously aren't getting. Either way, this thread is about him not us two acting like children.

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