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    Quote Originally Posted by Tehstool View Post
    It will be the implementation of the pokemon story in azeroth. Use battle pets and defeat the elite four!

    And your 1st Pokemon will be a quest reward from Professor Tree and then your rival will appear...Lary.

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    If it's cross-faction grouping that will be pretty weird. I don't think a lot of people would really be bothered by it either as most people aren't really paying attention to the group anyways but rather every shiny thing that sits before them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by winterfox72 View Post
    Personally I think if they implemented old school vanilla wow and BC servers that would be bad ass. I think it would get ppl excited and playing again.
    Yes.. For a week then people will relise how bad it was and now much better it is now.

    It will be cross faction grouping, raids, guilds and dungeons just watch.
    Aye mate

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    Pet Battle Dungeons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    It will be cross faction grouping, raids, guilds and dungeons just watch.
    That does not sound like "new content" to me.

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    transmog legenderies. your welcome
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    Quote Originally Posted by sillabear View Post
    You really think people wouldn't jump on the opportunity to relive some of their old memories of Vanilla/BC raids? I sure as hell would just for nostalgia sake. Would hazard a guess that it might bring back a lot of old players too for this reason. Not that I think Blizz will ever go that route - but I would be happy to be proven wrong.
    One never knows what drives ppl - especially since you need to consider that possibly less than 500 000 people raided back then and a chunk of them isn't even playing anymore.

    Where do I get my numbers from? All through LK, Cata and MoP we have websites like guildox and wowprogress tracking raid activity and that is where it is at: 38 000 guilds are 1/16 normal.... - and rading was definitely more exclusive in TBC than it is now.

    So..relive old memories or see those places for the first time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henkdejager View Post
    Randon RBG finder?
    and what is a random rbg finder? indeed its random bg:P

    but what i would really like is looking for transmogrun finder. where you can queue up for moltencore with x amount of other players. depend on the raid

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    I think it will be a queue system for Arena and a queue system for old raids that match up people and scale it to their ilvl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tehstool View Post
    It will be the implementation of the pokemon story in azeroth. Use battle pets and defeat the elite four!
    Personally I would like to have a raid encounter where you have to use your pets and obviously lower than 25 lvl wouldn't be able to beat the said encounter. And make it part of progression.

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    Even though it's not new content per se, I'd guess a mentoring system for dungeons of some sort. It would open up all leveling dungeons to be re-played. Rewards could include VP and/or goodie bags to be attractive for everyone. At the end of expansions it's usually popular to start leveling up alts, so it would fit well with that.

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    Diablo 3 style randomized instances?

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    Your #1 has potential, but for a different reason than challenge alone. A while ago, there was a blue post which went something to the effect of;

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Will we ever see those updated T1 sets in the character creation screen made available to players?
    Maybe in the future, we'll see.
    If they were to update old raids, the only way I could see them justifying was to update old gear cosmetically for the purposes of transmogrification. If they made the gear equal to, or in the proximity of, current gear, in terms of stats, then people would inevitably feel forced to do it.

    #2 and #3 I feel unsure of, but I think that in any case it won't be any of those things. Cross-faction things I can't help but feel would be unlikely too, but naturally possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darksoldierr View Post
    Still wishes its cross faction rbg / arena, afterall in those places, you are already killing your own faction, it would make sense that "gladiators from different sides group up for a common goal" since morals are lot less important in pvp, but meh, i guess i can just keep on wishing
    Only feature I would be interested in.
    Quote Originally Posted by kbarh View Post
    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    Quote Originally Posted by warlocx View Post
    Diablo 3 style randomized instances?
    Oh holy cow - an "endless dungeon" type thing? That would be SUPER COOL.

    Getting progressively harder. Bit like that Fractals thing in GW2 I guess. That would be an amazing thing to put in WoW.

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    I want my OLd school AV, A massiv BG, where you just have to kill and loot enemys to activate certain powers or events(like the riders, acicent gods or the flying unit in the middel field)

    I want my god damn player housing, Yes i got a farm, but i want my house, make certain achivments(have to be easy, so soloable) for certain look items and other cool items from Factions

    And dance studio, not like they said they would maby added it in TBC, and said they would most certain add it in WOLK...

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    The unannounced feature will be in the last patch of the expansion and give players a lot of new content to play with.
    I don't think that they will suddenly add "a lot of new content". It has to be existing content that you cannot access right now. Like cross-faction quests.

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    I would LOVE to see Guild Housing. That would make my year. Every proper MMO should have some type of Guild Housing.

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    A WoW RMAH. Calling it. :3
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    The unannounced feature will be in the last patch of the expansion and give players a lot of new content to play with.
    Why are people not reading this part? Lol. Transmogrifying legendaries, RMAH, etc etc don't fall under "new content to play with".

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