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    A great spot for mobtag-farming from 88-90? Please help!

    Hello gents!

    Have any of you tried some speed leveling with mobtagging? My friends and I are going to focus on some arenas and battlegrounds and we're looking to get to level 90 as fast as possible today so any help is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

    Kindest regards

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    The mobs that spawn around Sha in kunlai summit are pretty good for that

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    tried temple of nizuao? unless blizz have given all those mobs reduced xp gain that should be a great place.
    its tobad that almost everywhere where you find alot of mobs they give reduced xp to prevent this sort of farming.. blizz rly dont like ppl lvling by killing things...
    thou, the lake in eastern dreadwastes, there quite alot of mobs there and they dont give reduced xp. should be a good spot to aoe farm some. pulling 10 at a time or so.

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