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    brawlers guild problem

    hi all. i have a big problem with first boss in rank 7.the damn goblins with bombs. its impossible for me and im sure that i have something wrong.i have tried my main spec( dw with lfr weapons) but i cant avoid so much dmg.i wipe everytime at 20-30% when all my cooldowns are on cds.tried to go blood pr but i cant avoid the berserk time. sometimes tried blood spec with dps gear,i was ok with inc dmg and my health,but my dps was like 30-40k only.everytime i choose army at the start(glyphed)+potions+every other thing i have but...nothing....the inc dmg is so brutal. any tips guys? thanks for the time and sorry for my bad english.

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    Its been few months, so I can't remember their names, but you want to be standing practically on the one that doesn't throw the bombs constantly. Move in such a way that he's always standing where a bomb will hit. They take damage as well, so you positioning him to be hit by as many bombs as possible really helps. When they go into the shield, follow them in. If you're low on health at this point, fill back up as best you can. If you are high on health, break his shield and force him to start taking damage again. If you're especially lucky to hit them both with a few bombs at the beginning, that helps a lot too.

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    I heard at one point that you only needed about 20k dps and could be done in a tanking spec as long as you let all the bombs kill the enemies. I am having trouble surviving that fight on my ret pally as well.

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    It's the GG-goblins, right?
    You don't have to do the damage yourself. You let them bomb each other to death.
    So in the beginning you just walk to them and stand between them, letting them bomb both of them, so they take a ton of damage. Obviously you move from it, but that's not hard.
    Keep doing that.
    One of the buggers will move away at some point into a shield.
    I walked into the shield and let them bomb that down, and after that i deathgripped the other close to the first, so you can resume letting them damage themself.
    Go as blood if you're worried about your health, and abuse that you have them both next to each other, so you can have blood boil deceases on them all the time.
    Make sure to stand close enough to them, when avoiding their bombs, that the next one don't miss them entirely, thus wasting the damage.

    Have fun ^^
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    I indeed did this fight in blood, just hit the goblin that doesn't throw bombs with the bombs from the other. DPS gear with a blood spec and your set, even when they port to the shield stand on him. The bombs will break the shield after a few hits.

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    To be honest, when I first completed this fight I had no clue about it (i.e. the mechanic of bombs etc.). I tried in fost DW (~70k dps) but I got destroyed several times (I died at 30-40% 4 or 5 times). Than I switch to blood and (having no clue about it) I made it in 2 tries just taking a couple of explosions on me (for vengance stacking) and letting the bomb hit the boss. BTW, in frost (DW od 2H) is also doable, but require a little bit more of attention and skill.

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    Blood is the way to go for those guys or you hope for the bug that summons multiple players down there and you'll win guaranteed. Just eat the bombs as blood for vengeance stacking and try to hit the other one as much as possible with them.

    I have a problem right now aswell...I'm stuck on battletron..for like 30-40 tries. Not kidding. I tried it that often and it was not even close basicly.

    Mostly I die because I run out of defensives, death strike spamm is not enough and my damage breaks in after that aswell.

    Also my damage seems to be too low aswell, is it even possible with full PvP gear?

    I got full malevolent+strength gems+double trinket. I can't get all buffs however because there is no crossrealm and there are basicly 0 players around.

    Is there any person who did it as -UNHOLY- with -PVP- gear ? If yes how did you do it?


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    I have the same issue, with 483 ilvl - Battletron is tough. Best try was 10%, where I died - should have started Death Striking earlier.

    I think its doable if you go frost, but as unholy - it will be after the patch. I use Healing Pot (Easily accesable through Blingtron/AH) as my second pot, because I believe that will give me more dmg/survival, than Death Striking. I am Alchemist aswell however.

    I would take Runic Corruption (for a steady flow), use AMS pretty much on cd (Most important in start to absorb most), and IBF in start aswell. Use Lichborne when you dip to 20-30% - heal yourself with DC, and by the time you get low again, your Healing pot should be ready.
    In the end, you will be struggeling to keep it up, while still dishing dmg out on Battletron.

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