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    If you aren't casting something you are doing it wrong, we have loads of utility... use it

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    There are the occasional gaps. The more haste you accumulate the more infrequent they become. I'm hoping next patch I can stack haste like crazy.

    Anyone play enhance in vanilla? You wanna talk about gaps...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sorbus View Post
    I think people exaggerate gaps in our "rotation". Almost every melee class/spec has gaps too. At least in raiding situation, I almost always have some button to press. BUT: We get gaps every now and then, when our SS, LL and shocks are lined up in a certain (bad) way. 3-4 sec gap is exaggerition IMO. Haste should interact somehow with our basic cooldown abilities like SS,LL and Shocks (this has been said here already many times and I think it would be great).
    Enhancement is the most entertaining, visual and fun to play melee class that I've played. Frost DK is great too... but it lacks "the feeling" tho.
    I can second that notion that people exaggerate gaps in any rotation. The Paladin community does the same with Ret.

    They come in making it seem like they stand around for 2-4 seconds at a time waiting for something to come off CD when that's never the case. Sure the'll be a break and a gap in "rotation" here and there but people make it seem like it's the end of the world and they hit one button and wait.

    If that's the case they either doing something wrong with the rotation or don't have all the spells they need to laid out. We all have gaps, we're meant to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkDragoonLord View Post
    Anyone play enhance in vanilla? You wanna talk about gaps...
    yeah...but you had like 2/3 attacks and totems that's it, now you have many more and still have gaps where as in wotlk there was none

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    Well.. let's wait and see what happens when most of us get our hands on that 2 piece T15. With one Stormstrike we can over proc MS. Might as well press lightning bolt after pressing SS.

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    You can always hardcast a LB during gaps in rotation, and the new Tier gear this patch will prob reduce downtime with SS proc'ing MW5 (it might even change up rotation a bit to prefer MW5 over SS) and that will make even less gaps in the rotation. You can use the downtime to pop other dps cd's like bloodfury, stormlash, or defense stuff like SBT or HST.

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