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    Computer crash at launch of steam game

    and the title says, my computer crashed at any steam game launch, Say Borderlands 2. my computer crashes as soon as I click Play on the popup, same goes for Saints row, and Red faction amageddon. the thing is though. I have tried downloading a cracked Saints row game. and it worked perfectly that way. can anyone help me with this?

    Everything simply freezes but I can move the mouse and after like 20 secs it restarts
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    Have you tried reinstalling steam itself?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prixie View Post
    Have you tried reinstalling steam itself?
    how do you do that? just delete whole steam itself?
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    1) Back up your Steamapps folder in the Steam directory;
    2) Programs -> Uninstall -> Steam;
    3) Download -> Reinstall -> login;
    4) Copy steamapps backup back -> use Steam to Repair games.

    This will tell you if it's Steam or something else.

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