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    "Dailies aren't mandatory."

    Ok, just want to put this out there for each and every person who continues to type this phrase on forums 500 times a day.

    Just because something is not 100% mandatory, doesn't mean the alternative doesn't suck ass.

    Let's say there are only two ways to get rep. There are daily quests to gain rep. Then, the only other way to gain rep is to grind 5 mans and for each 5 man you complete you get ONE (1) reputation point.

    With the 5 mans giving one point per run, suddenly the dailies aren't mandatory - but guess what? The alternative is garbage.

    While not quite that severe in MoP, the example holds true. Sure, dailies in MoP are not 100% mandatory, but the alternative to not doing dailies is garbage. So, please, stop trying to win arguments with this phrase because it's tired and ignites my nerd-rage. Enjoy 5.2!

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    That's the point. Their are degress of forced and dailies are forced. Less forced than say paying your taxes but more forced than say nailing your penis to the wall. Honestly though this subject has been done to death. The developers have admitted it's forced. This topic should probably be merged with the other one.

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    This definitely needed a another thread.
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    This pretty much falls under the other active thread on "dailies are mandatory" so please use that to discuss this:


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