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    Raiding priest - help needed

    Hi guys, I've recently made a similar topic for our shaman so I'll skip the extensive introduction.

    We're a very casual raiding guild, just since recently dipping into T14. Started a few months late, but better late then never, right?

    We cycled through a few healers and ended up with our current priest. (Wouldn't want to miss out on that OP spirit shell ) - and here comes the problem: I'm not real experienced when it comes to priests. As in, I know very little about them. I would absolutely love it if you guys could give any tips you might have so I can pass them on.

    She hasn't been in all of our runs recently, but she did stay for the night on our 22nd of february MSV run. I'd love to point you guys to the log for that specific day. The log kinda.. got torn apart into three pieces, but I'm sure you guys can find your way around world of logs better than I can. She was also present in our 1st of march HoF attempt, but that night didn't end very well. (Few pugs, few trial members... didn't go well at all.) - Still, if those logs are anywhere near useful, feel free to use them as well.

    Thanks a million in advance for checking this out, and also for any possible feedback you may have so I can pass it on to her.

    PS. Not asking this because I feel she wasn't performing well enough. However, I'd love to sign her up as part of the main team if I get the general vibe that she performs well enough for her gear.


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    Can she also play holy? You want a priest who can be versatile. Then again, if you are just very casual, I suppose one spec would be fine.

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    Hey there! There are a few things I can notice right off:
    1) She doesn't seem to use Power Word: Shield (?!) ... she should be using this every 11 seconds +/- in order to gain mana back from Rapture, if nothing else. Either way it should be a reasonable part of her healing in basically every single fight. She should know this in all honesty, but either way a Rapture tracker addons such as Ingela's Rapture tracker will help a lot with managing shields.
    2) She does not seem to stack DA properly - it looks right on your Spirit Kings fight, but on Imperial Vizier her healing drops too much because she is not stacking DA before damage waves
    3) Her Spirit Shell timing is off, and she does not use it nearly enough. On most fights Spirit Shell will be one of the top healing done spells - she healed 833k with it on Spirit Kings, that is not enough. She needs to learn the fights and utilize it some seconds before the damage hits so that it absorbs the bulk of the damage.

    These are basically the most glaring problems that she has atm - the most important one is the Rapture /PW:S management, you cannot really play discipline properly if you do not manage rapture...

    Hope this helps!

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    Might look through the logs a bit more later, but since you already got some feedback on that and I'm a bit short on time I'll focus on the armory, however in addition to what Dianthe said I guess I should mention that she has very little atonement usage, and atonement is cruical for disc (esp. in 10 mans).

    Her gearing, reforging and gemming is quite frankly all over the place. She's not using any hybrid gems and is seemingly stacking haste at 8,5k spirit (gearing for a decent amount of haste or playing with a low amount of spirit has some viability, but doing both at the same time really isn't advicable, esp. with poor rapture usage). Considering her gear level and the fact that her rapture usage is awful I'd advice her to shift all her gems into spirit, while using a few hybrid ones to get socket bonuses (so basically sparkling, purified and misty/zen), and once she improves her play/gear she could shift her focus to more output. For secondary stats focus on mastery or crit, I would argue that crit is slightly stronger for 10 man right now.

    Talents & glyphs. She has divine star as her t6 talent, which is perfectly fine for some fights, but if she doesn't want to swap based on the fight (no offence, but looking at her armory I doubt she puts that effort in) she should go with cascade there. For glyphs both purify and PoM are very situational and using PoM on all fights can even be detrimental, again, swapping glyphs based on the fight is optimal but if she doesn't want to smite+hf+penance is pmuch cookie cutter. If she can't adapt to using atonement smite is largely wasted and you can just put something like inner sanctum there instead.

    Tldr: No offence, but there's a lot she could improve and directing her to a guide might simply be the best choice. Admittedly she's still blowing your resto shaman away, not using healing stream? Wat?!

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    I'll give what info i can but holy is my main specc i do play disc too, from looking at her armory it seems she is stacking haste due to poh spam, no offence she shouldn't be spamming it like that.

    She's not making good use of aegis and spirit shell and not much atonement healing, and sheilds like others have said she should be making good use of rapture procs but i don't see any i don't know about the other priests but i stack mastery on my disc priest and use shields more effectively.

    Spirit shell well i mainly only use my poh for this purpose its very powerful and it should be alot higher in her healing logs then it currently is.

    Agree with what others have said

    Hope this helps.

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    First thing I noticed from checking your logs, you have 0 rapture procs on some of those imperial attempts... thats a big problem as disc, and even BIGGER come 5.2 tomorrow where rapture gets nerfed so hard.

    You want to somehow get hold of an addon that tracks rapture cooldown and be procing it as much as possible when it's available.

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    Thanks very much for the replies guys! That's some great information and it would've been hard for me to gather that without the help of you pro-priests. I won't be counter arguing anything because... well.. I know very little about priests. That's why I came here.

    I'll pass all this information on, and again: Thanks so much for the replies. We'll put it to good use!

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