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    Question Best looking rogue race: alliance

    Hi. Im making a come back to wow and i will be transfering and faction swapping. Im having a hard time.picking which race i want to be female.or.male. My choices are male gnome (their gear is small tho), male/female human, or night elf male/female. Im really just looking for.looks and animations. Does anyone know about a balanced pvp server in ny data center.... Thanks

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    Night Elf female for looks, Human male if you PvP (and care about the racial).

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    Gnome ofc. You can be invisible in plain sight...just stand behind a large pot or next to an ornamental pond!

    (Yes my main is a male gnome rogue...I like to mingle with the ornaments sometimes )

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    I would definitely go gnome! They're amazing!
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    animations would be male night elf imo, stealth animation feels stealthy, melee animations are pretty good, all rogue gear looks amazing on them, racial sort of acts like a second vanish (if you dont have any dots on you) but dont rely too heavily on it, night elves are harder to detect while stealthed and elusiveness isnt bad either

    pvp is human ofc, your pick if you want male or female

    pve is panda naturally
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    pandaren :3

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    For khaz modan!!!!
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    My rogue is a human (lady) and i really enjoy it---we're a little on the short side (only a little taller then a male dwarf) but she looks believable as a rogue and i like her animations too. since we're not as rail-thin as blood elf girls gear still fits naturally on us, but if you want big shoulder-armor showcase it may not be ur best bet. Plus the racial is nice even if your a pve person--its nice for some raid mechanics n stuff

    Welcome to Ally btw! :3
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    Worgen for cool looks (their animations for dual wielding are actually good, unlike for two handers and casting.)

    Female night elf for hot looks (and I suppose some would say female human looks better.)

    Male or female human for the racial (and decent animations as well.)

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    pandaren :3
    with their fat asses and stubby legs? nah.

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    Asking people a question that's completely subjective.. Is this one of those "Ive already made my mind up but I want people to backup my decision" type deals? Im all horde myself, but I did roll a human female rogue.. Cant say I like any other Alliance race from an aesthetic point of view.

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    It's really a matter of preference.

    If you prefer to roll the correct race and gender, it's night elf female. If you prefer to be a lesser rogue in all manner of things, there are many incorrect options.

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    Lol. Thanks for the input. I will look into making a male or female ne or human. Its a hard pick

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    I'd go WoWHead, pick a set of armor I like and test them out on their 3D model generator. That's what I did when my guild was forced to switch sides last year. Got a lot of flack for not going human but still in love with female NE fight animations.
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    pink haired
    twin tailed
    female gnome of course
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    Dwarf obviously!
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    Panda above every other race.
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    Technically, the pandaren have much more high res textures (and the benefit of the new). Aethetically, that's all in the eye of the beholder.

    I'd go with female pandaren.

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    Gnomes, they're the devil themselves.

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    Human female is the only good looking Alliance Rogue race imo.

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