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    Now that you've had a chance to get used to it, how do you find the new talent system

    At first I was a bit dubious about what seemed like less choice, however if you really think about it there was only really one viable template for each spec.

    I personally really enjoy the system and find myself swapping talents on a fight by fight basis much more than I thought I would. In some fights I swap more than one talent and glyph around which makes setting up my character much more interactive, rather than just picking the holy paladin Fotm talent spec and sticking with it.

    Do you enjoy the new talent system?

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    I love it (:
    Tho I have since they announced it :c
    Doesn't matter whatever picture I post here, "Scrapbot" will allways infract me for it.

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    i could take it or leave it. as an assassination rogue, it really didn't affect my play style. and i also really don't need to swap talents between fights. as far as alts go, no major changes there either. so meh. although it is definitely better than basically having one correct cookie cutter build.

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    I like them better, but feel six choices really isn't a hell of a lot, and at that, there are quite a few talents still that need to be revamped as there are a good number of them that are pretty much useless for everything, while some might still be clear choices for pvp while not being very good for pve or vice versa, which I suppose can be okay in some cases. Either way, one thing they really succeeded with (at least for my main, hunter) is having you change your talents around a bit for every fight in order to make the most of the mechanics, I do enjoy that you can do it right then and there.
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    Needs more tweaking to make the tiers more balanced within themselves, which they are on though. All in all, I definitely like it.

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    Could use some improvements but i like it, but for some classes it doesn't gives you too many options, and some talents are kinda useless (for me) a good idea is if they would add PVP talents and PVE talents, in this way they could balance classes easyer because there's always the problem "if we buff X spell, its good for pve but it would make that class OP" or the other way around.

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    hmm, let me sum it up:


    It just feels like i have no real options, no customisation. No matter how illusionary the choices may have been, at least I felt I had choice. And levelling is boring as hell as far as character development goes, 1 choice every 15 levels, and a lot of the time it does not really matter, as you probbaly choose passive talents anyway.
    Take druid, unless you are pvp mad, you take the increased move speed at level 15 as a certain and forget it....then nothing for another 15 levels...when its another boring choice.

    ok, +1% dmg was not that interesting, but at least it felt like i was taking an active part in my character development, now I really dont. Talents were best when you could take points where you wanted in the trees, and hybrids were possible, 31 point talents were bad, the new system is awful.

    I play a lot of Rift, where complexity is not a bad word like it seams to be to Blizard. Trion seam to have managed a balance between making things acessible, with "standard" specs, and yet give you options of more complexity with freedom of choice. And whilst there are some cookie cutter builds, there are usually lots of them per soul rahter than just 1 like there used to be in wow.
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    I must be the only person that when they dinged thought "ooo awesome new talent point" waiting 15 levels to choose one just doesn't have the same feel.
    And some are the choices are so obvious that you would be an idiot not to take it which makes the other two in that tier useless

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    Prefer the new system a whole lot more over the old system. Quite often changing talents up on a fight by fight basis. And with the refinements coming in 5.2, it's only going to get more interesting. Well for me atleast.

    Although I'm interested to see what happens next expansion. Bliz are notorious for changing talents up every expansion and considering we'll be getting atleast 5 more levels, and who knows maybe 10 more, but what happens then? Currently we get a new tier every 15 levels, would look a bit odd getting a new set of talents at level 95 or even 100 if it goes that way. They really need to think about a system that works well when a new expansion is released, because they seem to reform the talents to a degree every expansion.

    But otherwise love the new system, a lot more than the old one.

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    liked more when you actually builded your spec

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    The new talent system needs a management interface of sorts, like how we have equipment manager for gear sets. The talent system interface should be incorporated with the glyph system on the same page.

    Otherwise, I think slimming down the talent system was a good idea.

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    It's okay. The idea that we need to carry around dust and deal with UI bugs every time we re-psec is insanely obnoxious, though.

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    It's pretty awful. I don't even touch it except to change my healing talent. I changed more talents around in cata than I do now.

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    I like the ease of switching and some of the choices are interesting, but overall I prefer the old tree style. More options, more interesting talents, and the big thing that I really miss, hybrid specs.
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    Can't really say it's anything to ''get used to.''

    I liked the old system better, especially the Wrath of the Lich King one. It doesn't matter how ''illusionary'' it was, I liked gaining a talent point each level and put it somwhere, gaining a passive ability, and so on. As a hybrid, playing an Enhancement Shaman, I could later on choose to either go into Restoration tree, or Elemental tree, either boost my damage, or boost my defense.

    I think this system is plain boring. Gaining a point every 15th level is just meh.

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    Superb compared to the old system.

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    I loved it when it was new and still love it now. I've gone through more talent changes since MoP launched than I have in the past 3 years probably.

    I think there's some classes that make better use of it due to balancing and whats optimal at the moment, but in due time. I definitely enjoy not having one optimal build for an entire tier.

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    I think the new talent system is a huge step forward from the old one, copy and pasting talents was never fun, regardless of what people think now, I like actually having choices from fight to fight on what could be better. I do wish that the system could be expanded to more than just a few choices though

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    They should have kept the old talent trees for passive benefits , while also using this for more active abilities/spells

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