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    "Help" WoW Model Viewer - Worgen Shoulder

    I just downloaded wow model viewer and decided to make my own wow wallpaper.It all went fine until I imported my char model - a worgen rogue.
    I noticed that the transmoged "Wrathful Gladiator's Leather Spaulders" are way too small.
    Before I posted I looked it up on the internet and none of the fixes I found worked (they were for the Draenei female model).

    So I an asking you the community to please help me find a fix.
    Thanks for your time .
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    my only suggestion is that you pose the character you want without the shoulders them slap the shoulders on top in your desired photoshop program

    to find the shoulders, go to the side menu "item>objectcomponent>shoulder> it should be under lshoulder_leather_pvprogue dont forget rshoulder

    maybe other people have a better suggestion. the dev seems pretty inactive with updates
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