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    Ive got 7 chars at 90 atm, and i couldnt stand doin daylies with two. One ive done em all, exalted with all but with 7? noooo thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leonard McCoy View Post
    Why should klaxxxi care the 4th or 5th time you've done the same fucking quest for them? Seriously think about this for a moment. Hey Klaxxi guy I collected 10 jugs of bug juice, you know I can get more right? Naw that's okay Player guy come back tmmrw though I'm sure we'll ask you to do the same fucking thing again or maybe the day after do the same thing again. You could do more now? Naw we'll just wait two or three days under the brutal conditions we live in.

    You've got to be kidding me with this. the Klaxxi care cause your championing their cause by wearing their jersey. Michael Jordan doesn't give a shit about chicago but he wears a bulls jersey and thus represents the team and the city.
    Well it's just my opinion. I feel like I've accomplished something for the Klaxxi when I collect those 10 vials of bug juice. With tabards, many times I forgot I was even gaining rep with a group. It's hard to do that when you are actively seeking them out every day.

    Quote Originally Posted by Leonard McCoy View Post
    Not really. If you bothered to actually read the rest of the conversation you'd know what the fuck your talking about.
    As usual you jump in and pick something apart without actually knowing what the fuck you are talking about. I'm all for your shitty dailies having rep. That's why I want tabards for EVERYTHING. That award rep for EVERY ACTIVITY. You can do your shitty dailies all you like, even in 5.2 where the developers are abandoning i.
    They are kind of moving that way with 5.2 it seems in terms of letting you have multiple ways of getting rep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    That so? Might you however be one of those who happily farmed 250 000 HKs or the Insane Title?

    i don't even have loremaster

    i should work on that though, so i can overtake this guy in achievements trying to be the most relevant me on the armory -__________-
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    Well I don't particularly care about reputation so I don't do them anyway, but if I was concerned with it, I'd much rather do dailies than be forced to grind dungeons for the same purpose. At least with dailies you can do them whenever you want and don't have to group with other people.

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    I don't mind them depending on my current class, my old main was a resto druid, and boomkin in full resto gear is awful lol, so that was quite a pain, but currently being a DK I don't mind them at all, quick easy money and they open up gear rewards. Anyone that truly hates MoP dailies really just shouldn't play anymore if devoting 30m- an hour of your time is asking too much compared to the horrible grinds for attunements and such in BC/vanilla, that many of these people say were better.

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    It depends which dailies. I enjoy Dominance Offensive, Order of the Cloud Serpent, August Celestials, Firelands and Tol Barad, but any other daily grind in the game is very boring.

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    I like dailies. I do them most days, but if I don't feel like it, I skip them.

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    I don't necessarily hate dailies. I do however hate the idea that so many tings are tied to so many, some some reps are gated behind others and that the more characters you hope to gear the more being reliant on dailies becomes difficult. I have 11 toons i'm trying to gear at once for LFR and that's just a crazy prospect currently.

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    I think dailies serve a purpose. Keeping the world relevant and rewarding.
    Players ask for everything to be faster, easier and completely optional and then when they get bored they can't understand why.

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    I like them when I have alot of free time, so that I can do them in a slow paste. But when I'm busy, only have x hours to play and I have to do them to get a BiS item, they annoy me.

    But can't wait till 5.2 so I can get the Direhorn, fck yeah.

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    I like dailies too, but I stopped bothering with them once I hit the rep level I was after. For me the appeal comes from trying to do them as fast and efficiently as possible each day, finding shortcuts and tricks to speed it up. Kinda similar to how someone will speedrun a game over and over for enjoyment. It was also fun to notice as my toons got more powerful over time from new gear, based on their performance.

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    i like dailys, but i stop doing them once im exalted. (unless im hunting some achievement...)

    thou, id like them alot more if it was possible to actually fail on them.. they are mindnumblingly easy atm.. whould be nice if something actually could hurt you or even kill you..
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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Got "10 000 dailies completed" achievement a couple of months ago.

    How about you?
    You must be really proud of yourself.

    I hate dailies since it was implemented back in BC, and I hate it more each day passes by, and I got that achievement last year.


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    Quote Originally Posted by glycerethe View Post
    You must be really proud of yourself.

    I hate dailies since it was implemented back in BC, and I hate it more each day passes by, and I got that achievement last year.

    You hate them but do them nontheless in an extent others would ask for a mercy shot. I see thats the embodiment of sense.

    I like dailies, always doing them with a friend or two, the only one I will never do is Ogri'la... douchebag ogres.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glycerethe View Post
    You must be really proud of yourself.

    I hate dailies since it was implemented back in BC, and I hate it more each day passes by, and I got that achievement last year.

    Proud of myself? About doing 10 000 dailies and more? Not really. And I don't think my thread pretends to be about being proud about it. It is more like there are so many hate threads about dailies, that I made one where people can come and say they don't dislike..or ...who knows...tell us they even enjoy them.

    I know it is not a popular concept..making threads where people can say positive things about the game ...

    You took the chance to tell us you did 10 000 dailies and hated every moment of it and the hate got worse and worse and you kept on doing them and hating them?... Hmmmmmmm....okaaaay,,,,

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    dailies are ok - for the first few weeks, but doing similar quests every day doesnt stay fun forever.

    but when you have loads of different factions, and it ends up taking hours to do - then it starts feeling like a chore.

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    Like others don't hate them on my MAIN but what I would like to see if account wide rep wont be added is allowing my main to "champion" one of my alts....

    Once my main is Exalted he can select an alt of mine from a list... and rep would be counted toward that character!
    ...Made it through 9 years of wow...

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    I quite like my dailies, only tend to do some on my main each day but i quite enjoy them really :P

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    I dont particularly "hate" dailys that those exist, but I did hate it that they put valor rewards from the get go behind those. It was so retarded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orby View Post
    I had no problems with Dailies in TBC and for most parts WotLK... its just since Cata its been the same old thing... I think Blizzard have got to find another fun way to try and make money and earn rep... dailies is now so 2007
    Yeah. Agree with this.

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    Hmm, I don´t hate them but neither really love ´em either. It´s just that it brings money in the pocket for something I´d do anyways (gathering rep, etc.)

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