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    Who is the best resto shaman in PvE?

    Hi! Who do you guys think is the best resto shaman in PvE? Is there any way to check that? I really want to improve my resto plays and finding a role model might be a good start.

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    You could check the rosters of the top guilds. If they have a resto, they're probably very good

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    Your first start should be to read over the stickies and guides. Understanding the way Resto Shamans work will do you better then copying what Resto's in high level guilds are doing. Especially if that someone has access to gear that you don't.
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    All the bleeding edge shamans stacked haste at a point where everyone else stacked spirit. If you try to play like them right off the bat, you're not gonna have a good time. Just follow a basic resto shaman guide and check out the better shamans on your server, keeping in mind that gems/glyphs will be switched depending on encounters (mainly gems).

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    Trying to copy the playstyles of the healers in bleeding edge guilds is not always a good idea. The early kills of bosses will often be underhealed as the guilds are less geared and need more DPS in the raid to meet the DPS checks. The healers will be playing in a bit different scenario than the average player doing the same content later and it will often require gearing or playing differently.

    Try and look at good players doing content at the same level as you at the same time, you'll get a better comparison. (Use wowprogress to find guilds of similar progression and you'll be able to look for their Shaman from the guild roster there.)

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