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    Need Help with Warlock Scenario

    I dont know how to get past the guards in the first area.

    I see the red lines that serve as a marker for the Guard's Detection range and I try to squeeze in between those lines but I always get caught.

    I can't use my demonic gateway because either it doesnt work on hills or just doesnt work in this scenario.

    I tried using my eye of kilrogg to place my demonic circle past the guards but anywhere I place it, its to no avail.

    As soon as I teleport I get caught by a guard and netted.

    Do invisibility potions work in this scenario?

    If so, then im gonna copy my alchemist to the PTR and make some potions for my warlock.

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    Go pester one of the workers to the side. The guard will walk over and you can pass right on through.

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    thank you that helped alot.

    I now got to Stage 7 but im still stuck in the Stage 6 area..

    Probably a bug i bet.

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