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    Are DPS queue times still long?

    I'm thinking about coming back... Just want to know this before I make the choice.

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    Short answer: Yes.

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    Yes. Took 35 minutes last night to get into the 2nd half of HoF, while queuing as dps with my wife who was healing. Solo dps it takes me 40+ mins as dps. Tanks still get in quickly.

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    For heroic dungeons, 10-15 tops.

    For LFR, depends on the time of day/week, but usually 30-40 min.

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    On US realms I experience 8-12 min Qs for heroics and 12-35min Qs for LFR (depending on day of the week and time of day...I mostly don't run LFR anymore but I did 2 last week I think ~20 min waits).
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    I do lfr on the first day, which is Tuesday BEFORE the weekly resets on my realm and get about 8min q. If I do it at the end of the week it can go upwards of an hour. So it's realy how you time it during the week.

    Lfr and valor reset on tues and raids reset on wed night while I never understand. For the first month of ds lfr we could do it twice a week lol.
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    For LFR, yeah. For heroics they rarely exceed 15 minutes, most of the time they are only 5-10 minute wait.
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    For my server/battlegroup, my heroic dungeon times are anywhere from 8-15 minutes, and LFR is anywhere from 20-60 minutes.

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    I usually never wait longer than 10-12 minutes to get into a heroic. Usually the same for raid-finder, a few times it's taken as much as 15-20 minutes, depending on which day of the week or what time it is (with the exception of Terrace of Endless Springs which takes like 30 min).

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    Usually not more than 20 minutes on Dungeon finder and on Raid finder the longest has been 40 minutes. I play on The Sha'tar and Lolscale.
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    10-12 minutes for heroics, and 20-25 minutes usually for LFR. The LFR times really depend on the day and time. As well, its not that bad since you can que for a scenario while queing for either a heroic or LFR. So, doesn't seem that long of the wait that way.

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    silvermoon eu
    heroic for me is usually 8-10 mins, lfr, well, I had 40 mins ones and had 3 mins ones for the same instance so that one is inconsistent as fuck...

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    5-man wait time isn't that bad, but LFR has been horrific.

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    Meh, perhaps, but I would suggest queueing for a section of LFR you haven't done yet, then simultaneously a random heroic, then finally a scenario.

    The scenario will basically be an instant queue-pop no matter the role, and time in the scenario will count towards your wait time for your heroic and LFR. When you get out of the scenario, you will probably notice you have ~10min of a ~10-15min heroic queue, plus 40 VP and the random bag of goodies of gold/JP/possible item.

    Then your heroic will pop within a few minutes after your scenario (sometimes immediately) and you do that normally. When you get out of that, you will have done a total of ~25-30min of your LFR queue, plus another 80 VP + the JP from the bosses.

    So then, your LFR queue will be close to popping, giving you a minute or two to do a bio, get a drink, etc, and then soon enough, you'll be in there for another round of FAIL BAG + another 90 VP.

    If you're not hell bent on capping VP as quickly as possible, you can basically get 210VP (40+80+90) once a day with a very minimal amount of waiting in the queue. (If you GOTTA cap em as quickly as possible, then it's 150VP (20+40+90) if you repeat this process for the other 4/5 parts of LFR)

    So yes, wait times are long if you JUST queue for LFR, but you can augment that with other things to really help out and still make decent VP for your troubles.

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