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Let us Hunters have our day, we've been needing it. Cata brought us up good in PvE. So hunters deserve to be good for a few (3) expansions. :P
Pvp is not supposed to work on classes taking turns in being op. Fact is especially on PTR hunter dmg versus casters is just too much to even have time to cc. In 3's if you have pillars and a healer burning mana on you you can kill the pet twice and get through stampede with roots and fears. But in my opinion the "small quality of life change"as GC liked to call it i.e. removing min range truly fucked hunter up and made em a melee class that can avoid taking all dmg. You cant force disengage you cant outrange em. They have the same problem rogues have now, they are just too good. But pet dmg is just a small component of that.