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    Transmog regarding marshal/fieldmarshal-warlord gear

    So I read that in patch 5.2 they will be enabling access for everyone to transmog to the marshal/fieldmarshal/grandmarshal gear. Which is kind of annoying for me, since I already have it.. But oh well.

    Are they making it so that you can access the gear that your pvp title entitles you to: so fo instance you cannot get grand marshal sword if you are a field marshal, but you will be able to buy the entire field marshal set?
    Or ..?

    Would be nice with a thorough explaination on this, if someone knows.

    Kind regards

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    I'm pretty sure you'll need the corresponding title for the piece you want (General for "General's Legplates," Warlord for "Warlord's Whatever," etc.)

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